We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 10

Revolution is about living people

Not about dead systems, corporations, institutions, banks, buildings or governments



During a revolution people change, the 99% lose the idea that they are inferior to leaders. They become self-conscious when they learn during the revolution that they have the power to conquer any injustice brought upon them by the 1%. Then they can use the dead buildings or corporations for the benefit of all. Living people are more important than dead buildings, corporations, institutions, banks, governments, systems or money. It are only instruments to suppress and control the 99%.

When you are attacked by someone with a stick in his hand it does not help taking the stick away when there are many other sticks lying around, you have to attack the person.  Actions should also minimise damage to the 99% and maximise pressure on the 1% (the Golden Rule for Actions). That is mostly not the case with mass actions in front of buildings or actions in town centres. People who took wrong decisions stay out of range. These people base their decisions on the money stream to the top, what happens to the 99% does not interest them. Decisions are taken because of the importance of money and restrict the 99% in their daily life. To strive for more and more dead money is the basic reason that there is a power and money pyramid that divides humanity. Dead money as the dominant factor in all decisions should be replaced by the humane idea that all people have the same status. Occupy also made this fundamental mistake by advancing the slogan “Occupy the Financial Centres” instead of “Occupy the private houses of bankers”.

Some political organisations want to change the system to get a communist, fascist, socialist or fundamentalist world. Leaders of such “revolutionary” organisations force the 99% to direct their actions on systems and other dead entities. The role of individuals is neglected. These political organisations have a small group of leaders at the top and the masses down under. Action leaders know they can benefit from any new system when they remain on top. They do not teach the 99% how they can pressure any leader because that endangers their future high place in society. The masses are only seen as obedient foot soldiers and should not become autonomous citizens.

People at the top of our society know they take decisions for their own benefit. To protect their private life they have personalised organisations. The Shell, Monsanto, Apple but also governments, banks, the F.E.D. should take decisions. But not Microsoft flouts monopoly laws and not Microsoft should be fined. People like Bill Gates who lead or own Microsoft break the laws or at least order or permit lower bosses to break laws. Microsoft cannot type a letter, cannot issue orders, cannot transfer money, only people can do that. In our society Microsoft is prosecuted and not people who violate the laws. The German beer industry was fined 100 million euro because of cartel agreements about prices. But industries cannot make agreements, directors do and owners and directors profit from punishable offences. People who are guilty of asking too high prices are not prosecuted and common citizens pay the damage because prices are again raised. Living people should be punished not dead entities. The 99% cannot hide behind dead entities and they are judged as persons. That should change during the revolution. People should become targets, not systems, corporations or buildings.

The 99% can make a first step by not saying that Shell or the government does this or that but calling culprits by name, directing attention to living humans who attack the freedom and well-being of the 99%. Activists should talk about bankers instead of banks, about directors and owners instead of Monsanto, Shell or the FED, about high-civil servants and ministers instead of about ministries or governments. Activists should not talk about dead entities that are only means to control the 99%.
Demonstrations should not take place in front of dead buildings but in front of private houses of living leaders who take wrong decisions. Buildings are not responsible, people are. Leaders are not disturbed by a demonstration in front of their working place nor by fights between protesters and security forces.

In a Humane World living people with the same status stand central. The 99% have to carry this change through during the revolutionary transition time. All activities must contribute to this necessary change in consciousness. That is never achieved when the “party” or the “organisation” decides how activists should be active.
Jean-Paul Marat said more than two hundred years ago
“The People should control, veto or when necessary punish faulty leaders who violate the freedom and the well-being of the 99%”. Later revolutionaries emphasized the change of systems and not the change in humans.

Actions should continuously increase pressure on leading people who take wrong decisions. In a real action because of a ridiculous rise in rent some responsible people were pressured in their private living situation. After some time the rise in rent was indeed reduced. That is in agreement with the ideas of Marat who said that we should only control, veto and punish and not govern, not prescribe which decisions have to be taken. Buildings, institutions or other dead entities are never involved in the decision-taking process and should not be targets. Only powerful persons take decisions that are disadvantageous for the 99%.

We cannot predict how the world looks like when the 99% have become so self-confident that they can destroy any injustice, disparity, greed or corruption. But it will be a world in which living people and not dead systems take first place.


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