We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 11

People stand central, also in actions

Not what is wrong but who is wrong



The human principle that living people stand central and not dead corporations, institutions, the Parliament or money should be applied everywhere. These dead entities include also laws, spy agencies or the obedient security apparatus that are only instruments used by the 1% to control the 99%. Not instruments are important but people who use these instruments in a way that is harmful for the 99%.

Actions should be directed on leading people and not anymore on corporations or buildings. Only then we can penetrate in the minds of leaders. That does not happen in most actions. Rulers do not listen to what is demanded in demonstrations, petitions, boycotts, strikes, etc. Leaders are not disturbed when they are a little bit harassed in their working place. That belongs to their work and after having worked they go to their cosy, privileged, safe and exclusive eliteworld. There they have never been disturbed. But this separate world is the most important reason why they take decisions that favour in the first place themselves.

People at the top of society see themselves as superior. This idea does not disappear when buildings or other dead entities are attacked in actions.
“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft when we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we had to discover the compensations and refuges of life ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different”. F. Scott Fitzgerald

The elite thinks in the first place about money and the expansion of their privileged world. They will never be workless,  their houses are not foreclosed, they move in exclusive places,  clubs and neighbourhoods. They live in an extravagant prosperous world where the 99% are only allowed to enter as  servants. They have a quiet, secured and privileged life. They think they are superior, unassailable.

In The Netherlands the 1% call themselves Our Kind of People, clearly distinct from That Kind of People, the 99%, whom they consider to be inferior. For the 1% only their own kind of people counts. What happens to the 99% is not important. Many action leaders still think that the 1% and their lackeys are reasonable people. They are not. They are people who violate our freedom, privacy and well-being and we should stop accepting that. Activists and action leaders should read Sun Tzu who emphasized the importance of human beings: “Foreknowledge cannot be gotten from ghosts and spirits, cannot be had by analogy, cannot be found out by calculation. It must be obtained from people, people who know the conditions of the enemy”. 

A tiny portion of their wealth could solve the problem of the nearly ten million kids that each year die before they are five years old. It does not happen because the 1% consider the 99% only as instruments that care for the needs of the 1%. How the 99% live or die is secondary.

In wars soldiers die but never generals, politicians or CEO’s and owners of the weapon industry. We should realise that we are always damaged. That occurs also in actions. Activists and police officers are hurt and even killed but bosses, including action leaders, are living on, undisturbed about what happens in the streets, not interested in how much blood colours the pavement. All people should have the same status and therefore we must adhere to the Golden Rule for Actions, damage to the 99% should be minimal and pressure on the 1% ever increasing. Most actions do not comply with this idea.

Nobody disturbs the top but the top disturbs the 99% forcing them to maintain the eliteworld. The first action target should be to disturb the life of these people. It is a new action policy that has always been rejected by (leftist) action leaders. But when two separated worlds continue to exist real change is not possible.

There are many contacts between the 1% and the 99%. The 99% produce, deliver and repair goods and services the 1% need for their existence. The 1% organise and control the 99% in such a way that the present system continues to exist. There are many connections between the world of the 1% and the places where goods and services come from. These connections are the veins through which the blood streams that is necessary for the life of the 1%. We can disturb these veins. When supplies from the world of the 99% to the world of the 1% are disrupted, the eliteworld becomes uninhabitable.

The veins that feed the 1% are the weak points because they are so numerous that they cannot be protected. The web of veins covers the whole world and can fairly easy be disturbed by small actions of Autonomous Clubs. Such actions hardly disturb the life of the 99% and comply with the Golden Rule for Actions because only the life of the 1% is threatened.

By preventing that the 1% buy and use extravagant goods and services or enter special places where only they are allowed to come, we disturb their cosy, privileged and exclusive private life. Then they must descend to the world of the 99% and we make a step in the direction of a Humane World where all people have the same status.

By disturbing their world the 1% become uncertain because they have never been disturbed in their life. Any individual or small group can become active on the place, the time, the how, with whom and against whom he chooses. The War of the Flea by Autonomous Clubs against the extravagancy of the 1% will time and again shock the 1% and gives activists a lot of pleasure because the 1% do not know what to do against it. The same person that in day-time repairs the expensive car punches in night-time holes in the tires or maybe remove a beautiful plant from the front lawn of a 1% to replace it in a public park where all 99% can admire the flower.
The 1% have never been attacked in their golden and ivory towers. When it happens, the world changes.


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