We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 2

Revolutions only succeed when the 1% are dethroned

Then we get a world without a dominant 1%



“One of the symptoms of revolution is the sudden increase in the number of ordinary people who take an active interest in politics” (Lenin). Revolutions do not fall from the skies. Four factors promote revolutions and prevent that ever a new 1% get power and most of the money. The situation of the 99%, the situation of the 1%, new inspiring ideas and new action ideas to challenge powerful people. When the situation is ripe many 99% who were inactive before become forerunners in unruly revolutionary times.

We cannot force the 99% to become political active, we do not have the power to reach the masses. We don’t have the propaganda apparatus and the media to influence the minds of the 99%. We can however give a push in the right direction by showing new successful action means. Actions that during and after the revolution safeguard our freedom, privacy and well-being. We can promote ideas on which a new society is built, the idea that all people have the same status replacing the domination of money in all decisions. When successes and small victories accumulate suddenly the moment arrives that a revolution takes place. But only when the 99% know how to make revolution a success.

Occupy tried to use the dissatisfaction of The People. Many became politically interested but the movement withered away by lack of successes and because nobody knew what the activated masses should do, occupying squares was not sufficient, there were no great guiding ideas.

The French Revolution succeeded because the 99% became active, the power of the 1% went down and the new paradigm, Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood, inspired the 99%. After the revolution the situation soon changed. The People became less active and a new leading group again controlled them. The new 1% was not pressured anymore and could regain power. The new inspiring ideas about freedom, equality and brotherhood were discarded as the basis on which the new society could be built. After the revolution the four factors were turned around. A new power pyramid came into being and again the Few ruled over the Many. The 99% did not develop an own autonomous power.

A self-immolation in Tunisia triggered the activity of the 99% in the Arab Spring. Obviously the 99% were waiting for a revolution, for a better future. But the Arab Spring was not a revolution, it was not a fundamental change towards a world without a 1%. The 1% was only partly attacked and most of the top remained untouched. The revolt had no inspiring ideas as Fraternity, Equality and Brotherhood. Soon religious ideas started to split up the 99% and the old 1% regained power with the help of the army that was untouched by the uprising. The 99% did not develop an own power and did not develop new means of actions. The same happened in the Ukraine and in mass uprisings in many other countries. Only some of the factors that lead to a revolution were activated.

Four factors influence the coming and the success of a revolution.

First. The situation of the 99%.
Growing dissatisfaction, rising participation in movements, more self-consciousness because of successful actions and the idea that we ourselves can independently accomplish something.

Second. The situation of the 1%.
Growing pressure on and decreasing power of the 1%, feeling of uncertainty, increasing internal contradictions and internal divisions.

Third. New ideas on which the new society should be built.
The new paradigm that all people have the same status, the idea that a new future is looming, the idea that people stand central in life and in actions, not what is wrong but who is wrong, the idea of small, temporary Autonomous Clubs as the action  instrument, the idea that all actions must be directed at the 1%.

Fourth. A new kind of actions to pressure and control leading persons.
The Golden Rule for Actions that damage to the 99% must be minimal and pressure on the 1% ever increasing, creating chaos and unpredictability to undermine centralist powers, the use of Autonomous Clubs to control, veto and eventually punish faulty leaders who violate the freedom, privacy and well-being of the 99%.

The first two factors are connected with the situation in the present society, the last two to the future, the possibility to get a new Humane Society.

The 99% can hardly influence the first two factors, it is mostly a spontaneous development. To make revolution the situation must be ripe. You can tell people that the present society is wretched but the power of the 1% counters these efforts. The underlying and hidden dissatisfaction is promoted by daily experiences in the life of the 99%, their economic situation, their powerlessness and their feeling to be inferior and subordinated but that leads hardly to more political activity. Successes are needed based on new guiding and inspiring ideas. That can be accomplished by the other two factors by propagating guiding ideas and achieving some small victories by putting pressure on the 1%. When the revolution comes the 99% have already examples what they can do in the turbulent times on the way to a fundamentally different society. Then people know what to do and who to attack to defend their new gained freedom and their well-being and to preserve their equality and privacy after the revolution.

The mutual focus for all 99% is putting pressure on the private living sphere of individual members of the 1%, to destroy the power and money pyramid and to open the road towards a society in which all people have the same status.

The first factor shows the unrest under the 99%, the second the growing unrest under the 1%. These factors lead to uprisings and revolts.

Adding factor three turns revolts in revolutions that only succeed when the fourth factor is activated, new actions ideas directed at the power of the 1% who want to preserve the present society. A revolution is a movement towards a fundamental change, it has nothing to do with the contradiction left-right that divides the 99% but with the struggle to solve the principal contradiction that makes our world a wretched one, the contradiction between the 99% and the 1%.

The fourth factor includes the building of a Fourth People’s Power, an independent power of the 99% that prevents that ever a new 1% arise and that society returns to the present situation with a 1% at the top and the 99% at the bottom. Factor four prevents a counter-revolution that occurred after all past revolutions. When the action world does not use new guiding and inspiring ideas, nothing will change.


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