We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 20

Taking the power and the money away from the 1%

Preventing that the 1% can use their ill-gotten money



The 1% ruled in the past, rule in the present and rule in the future when we do not dethrone them. They are the prime target of any action. My own research supported by research in other countries determines the size of the 1% at about 0.25%, in the USA less than one million people.

“The rich confront the rest of society as a solid semi-corporate phalanx, buttressed by law and public policy. By law they hold their positions legitimately and hence can feel complete rectitude. When the national anthem is being sung, they can feel it is being sung in celebration of the legal system that supports them, for the aggrandisement of which every man, the poorer especially, may be called upon to offer his life simply by presidential order, without any declaration of war by Congress. Beyond this, existing policies under the law favour them; they have been adopted largely by their agents with their corporate permission”. (Ferdinand Lundberg)

Most actions take place in the political sphere and not against the highest power, the 1%. Politicians and political parties are the servants of the 1%, often in some way paid by them. They take decisions that in the first place please or spare the masters. The centre of power is hardly challenged in actions. Politicians control the 99% but there is hardly control on activities in which a lot of money is involved. The incomes of high-placed people are sky-rocketing while at the same time the well-being of the 99% deteriorates. The inflow of money in the economy from criminal activities as with whitewashing, is hardly prosecuted. Evading taxes by the super-rich is continuing. Corruption on higher levels is not punished. The inequality in wealth and power continues to grow. Money rules and only people without money are controlled. Politicians are lackeys without power to challenge the money and the power of the 1%. These servants have to care that bosses can do what they like to do and are well-paid for it.

The 1% are not conspiring. They believe their group is different and superior. The people down under are the dumb masses, while they are educated and advanced individuals who work hard to maintain and improve their elevated position. Change only occurs when individuals from the 99% put direct pressure on individual 1% and undermine the privileges of the top group. Any attention for the 1% is now directed on organisations as the Bilderberg Group or G-8 meetings that are only means to exercise power. By giving attention to the means the only change possible is that some means are replaced by other means while power relations do not change. Individual 1% have never been under fire.

The first goal of the 1% is to preserve and extend their position at the top of society by increasing their wealth and power, to make money still more the foundation of all decisions instead of complying to the idea that all people have the same status.
“Underlying the American upper class are a set of social institutions which are the backbone – private schools, elite universities, the “right” fraternities and sororities, gentlemen’s clubs, debutante balls, summer resorts, charitable and cultural organisations and such recreational activities as foxhunts, polo matches and yachting”. (G. William Domhoff)

Some of the money of the 1% is used to reward decision-makers, the servants at the top of the private and public sector and the political lackeys. They take decisions and make laws favouring in the first place the already privileged position of the 1%. This corrupt behaviour, misuse of power for the own benefit, is legalised.

Most of their money is used to build an extravagant eliteworld that is not open for the 99%. Money is the prime factor for the existence of a separated and exclusive world of the 1%. To get a Humane World where all people have the same status this eliteworld should be made uninhabitable. That occurs by undermining the possibility for the 1% to buy goods and services the 99% never can acquire. Actions directed at money-related targets support each other. Disturbing one exclusive golf course increases the fear that also other elitist golf courses will be disturbed. Now actions are isolated from each other. Then Monsanto is attacked, then a bank or a government building but the 1% are not disturbed. Attacks are not personal.

Over the ages the 1% has hardly been put under pressure and when that happened “despite their defeats, the princes do not lose anything” (Jean-Paul Marat). We have to change that. Undermining the power pyramid and disturbing the eliteworld by intruding in the private living sphere of the 1% are the prime goals in any action.

There is hardly contact between the 1% and the 99%. The 1% have only contact with the servants and marionettes of whom some are invited to enter the eliteworld. It is one of the means to reward people who know that their prime task is supporting and promoting the place of the 1% at the top of society. Actions should penetrate the upper layers of society by intruding in the privileged private living sphere of people who consider the 99% inferior. Without destroying the eliteworld by creatively disturbing the exclusive life of the 1% we never get one world in which all people have the same status.

To achieve that we need actions that only disturb the 1% and not the 99%, actions that influence the private life of the 1%. Actions in connection to their working life are a nuisance but their private life is sacred. There they spend their surplus money. There the 1% demands to be undisturbed. There attacks exert most pressure and have most success.

Be creative and carry out actions by which the own risk is minimal. All actions should take a little bit away from the feeling that the eliteworld is a safe and cosy world which is the crown on the life of the 1%.

The list of targets is endless.

Housing. The size as well as the number of houses that often stand idle. Big mansions in beautiful places where the 99% only may come as servant.
Means of transport. Very expensive cars, private planes, yachts of over ten million euro etc.
Servants. The 1% need people from the 99% as drivers, cooks, waiters or cleaning people. They do not want to dirty their hands on work that is done by those other people.
Safety guards. When you possess a lot you are afraid thieves will take some of it. You must protect yourself and the unique articles that confirm that you are a 1%.
Means of communication. Anonymous is proud when they hack a site from a corporation but that is repaired after some time. Why don’t they block all private electronic communication of the 1%.
Food. Exclusive restaurants where a meal cost more than the wage of a worker but also expensive foodstuffs and drinks that have to be imported from far away. The price is not important, much is paid via corporations.
Health care. There are special hospitals for the very rich.
Funerals. The 1% have often family tombs a common citizen cannot afford. Deceased ancestors show that power belongs to the family and cannot be disputed.
Exclusive entrance to mass meetings. In concert halls the first rows are reserved for the Happy Few as in Sky Boxes in sport stadiums or by attending exclusive sports as polo.
Recreation. Special, isolated and beautiful parts of the world are reserved for holidays of the 1%. Common citizens are not allowed to enter exclusive clubs, expensive sex clubs, luxurious conference places, expensive hotels and restaurants, free journeys mostly paid for by corporations etc.
Education. Children mostly attend private schools with high entrance fees and go to special universities.
The art world. The luxury world with watches of a million, laptops of five million, fashion, jewellery, furs etc. The 1% pay ridiculous prices for art that should be human heritage and available for all to see and not only for a select group of privileged people. Auction sites where these objects are sold are targets.
Juridical support. When the 1% break the law they are protected by expensive lawyers. The 1% has less chance to be convicted than the 99% who only can afford second-rate help.

This list can be extended infinitely. Be creative and find weak points in the life of the 1%. Then put pressure on these points, prevent that the 1% continue to be sole users of certain goods and services. This exclusivity has to be broken and the separation between the two worlds of the 1% and the 99% has to be destroyed.

Undermining the exclusive life of the 1% is part of the idea to make the world of the 1% uninhabitable. All people have the same status and the Few should not be allowed to have a separated world where the Many are not allowed to come.


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