We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 21

Spending 200.000 euro in one year should be the limit!

The Few have not the moral right to use their money on goods and services the many never can acquire



Why is society so rotten, why is there so much misery, why all these wars, why are nearly ten million kids dying each year before they are five years old?  Why do some people amass so much money they cannot even spend it in a thousand years? Why can a few spend millions while many must survive on a euro a day? There is a simple reason that is never challenged. Money and greedy selfish people. We need new actions that lead to revolution and a Humane World in which people stand central and not money for the few and powerful.

Money dominates the world, dominates all decisions. Too much money for the powerful Happy Few and too few coins for the powerless Unhappy Many. The 99% produce the goods and services the 1% want. Just as slave-owners were not interested in the life of slaves, the 1% are not interested in the life of the 99%. The 99% are not allowed to enter the world of the 1% as equals. The wide-spread misery in the massworld does not penetrate the minds of the 1%. In the present world people have a different status. For some all doors are open, most stand for closed doors. 

Money spend by the Few cannot be spend for the Many. The Few think they are superior to the Many, that they have the right on more money than those many people they hardly see and never know. When they cannot spend this surplus money anymore on extravagances and their exclusive eliteworld, the reason for their existence and for the idea that they are superior disappears. We can achieve this by preventing that anyone can spend more than 200,000 euro in one year.

Politicians will never impose an earnings limit on the 1% because they are only puppets. In the USA politicians even oppose that millionaires pay the same amount of tax as common citizens. But the 99% can impose a spending limit on the greedy rich who caused the crisis for their own benefit.

The 1% live in a privileged exclusive eliteworld. They use and buy extravagant goods and services the 99% never can buy and come in exclusive places the 99% are not allowed to come. By creatively disturbing the world of the 1% we prevent that they can use their surplus money for their privileged life. That influences their centuries long extravagant life style and the idea that they are “better” than we. By making the eliteworld uninhabitable we get one world for all people on our way to a Humane World in which all people have the same status.

“Spending 200,000 euro in one year should be the limit!” is the guiding slogan for actions. All goods and services that cannot be bought or used by 200,000-minus people are action targets. The mentality of all people changes when nobody can spend so much money. Money becomes less important and there comes room for the well-being of all people. It has also influence on money-driven fields as crime, corruption, gambling, expensive sex or ponzi-schemes.

People get the same status but that does not mean that all people are equal, they are not. Individuality, creativity, originality and hard work is still appreciated and honoured. But ridiculous differences as 200,000 euro for a speech of half an hour, hundred million to buy a soccer player, exorbitant prices for art objects that should be in museums cannot be allowed. Activities of the 99% can take care for that.

Money becomes less important and people are rewarded for their efforts. Not because someone has enough money to buy sport clubs for his own greatness. Prices of many products go down when the overhead costs of too high salaries, bonuses and exorbitant profits go down. The luxury industry is known to spend more than half of the sales on extravagant salaries, extravagant trips and advertisements that are full of lies, propagating that expensive is exclusive and better, influenced by the idea that money is the measure of all things.

Many objects are only judged by their money value and this idea not only dominates the 1% but also the 99%. The Night Watch of Rembrandt or the Mona Lisa of Da Vinci are special art objects. They are in museums for everyone to see, the same status paradigm! Other work of these artists have not the same artistic value but are valued at exorbitant prices and only obtainable for people with money. Not the intrinsic value determines the uniqueness of paintings but the amount of money someone pays for an object signed by Rembrandt or da Vinci. The Dutch painter Van Meegeren made beautiful pictures that were certified by experts as real paintings of Dutch painters as Vermeer. When became known that it were forgeries the price went steeply down though it were still the same paintings as before. Money judged if it were art objects. The very-well paid experts who had certified the forgeries as being real were of course not punished. They continued to judge paintings on their money value and not on their artistic value. Auctions who use the money factor to sell articles at ridiculous prices are excellent action objects.

When you cannot spend your money anymore, why should you be greedy or corrupt. Why should everything be related to money and not to the work and pleasure producers have by producing goods. Why should anyone want to possess a Rembrandt that cannot be distinguished from a forgery but by the use of advanced scientific instruments. Why should anyone start a Ponzi-scheme and amass fifty billion dollar as Madoff did. To buy respect? When you cannot spend more than 200,000 euro in one year you get respect on what you are and not on what you possess, not because you are a monster with a lot of money.

The limit of 200,000 euro is a guideline to imagine what can be acquired by spending more than 200,000 euro in one year. There are many targets, golf clubs with an entry fee of more than 100,000 euro, restaurants where a dinner cost the wage of a working man, cars of over 200,000 euro, servants, watches of a million euro, ten private mansions that mostly stand empty, very expensive hotels, exclusive parties, holiday and recreation places, private schools and universities, exclusive health care, private closed clubs, the luxury industry, private planes and expensive yachts, the upper part of the sex and gambling industry, art objects that should be available for all people, VIP-places in stadiums and theatres, the use of security personnel that is needed to protect surplus money and extravagant possessions, etc.

Actions inspired by the slogan are humane and comply with the Golden Rule for Actions. Pressure on the 1% is maximised and damage to the 99% minimised. Of course some factories and institutions close but money will be reinvested in new production capacities and new work that favour all people.

The world of the 1% has never been disturbed. The War of the Flea by Autonomous Clubs preventing the use of extravagances will shock the 1%. Any individual or small group can select objects to make unusable on the time, the place and the how they select.

When the number of Clubs rises, the influence of the dominating money paradigm goes down. It is a first step in the direction of a world in which all people have the same status.


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