We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 23

We must not act on them, they must react on us

We must decide and have the initiative, not being dependent on what they do



People protest against new laws but old laws they also protested against have been carried through. Workers protest against sackings but their protest does not help workers who are already workless. People protest against foreclosures but still more people become homeless. People protest against certain election candidates though they know that all elected representatives are untrustworthy. Lying, cheating and filling their own pockets continues. There is no protest against the 1% who live far away in their exclusive world paid by money stolen from us.

Activists mostly react on what leaders just have done. They have not the initiative to tackle the causes of the wrongdoings. Attacking leaders who order the police to hit protesters, to throw people out of their foreclosed houses, to harass common citizens. There are no actions against high-placed people who continue to take wrong decisions and to promote their own well-being. Decisions are now determined by the money factor. When we pressure them they will acknowledge that active but elusive members of the 99% form another vague force next to the money they have to reckon with.

The 99% are allowed to ventilate their anger and dissatisfaction in meetings and demonstrations. But leaders hardly listen and control any protest. The results of such actions are mostly negative and protesters become disillusioned. They cease to be active. Nothing seems to help. Crying out loud and participating in demonstrations is not sufficient. There are no lasting successes. Reacting is not enough, we must autonomously choose our own targets.

The Squatters Movement had a lot of success. Many houses were occupied and homeless people got a nice living place. Politicians must react on unexpected actions and many 99% sided with the movement. It was not a protest but a direct attack on people who speculated with houses to earn a lot of money. Squatters acted and authorities had to react.

The start of Occupy with the world-wide occupation of thousands of squares forced political lackeys to react. The 99% sided with the Occupiers. But actions stagnated and sympathy disappeared. There were hardly outstanding successes and the squares were cleared. Occupiers resumed the old unsuccessful action methods, protesting against what authorities were doing. Activists did not even think of a new kind of actions that forces leaders to react. Undisturbed decision-takers still take measures that damage The People and benefit the already privileged. The same bankers who caused the crisis by illegal means still rule our financial world and our wallet. Nobody attacks them.

Whistle-blowers Assange and Snowden publish secret documents (why are the 99% not allowed to see what is kept secret, why are they not informed when and why their name is on a list of suspected terrorists?) exposing how leaders conspire to control citizens. It is not enough because the only reaction of the top is to make secret actions legal or still more secret. They have not stopped spying on common citizens. Decision-takers were not disturbed in their privacy although they violate our privacy. The actions of these courageous people were only a nuisance. Attacks pinpointed the latest crimes of the controllers but spying happened also in the past by the same leaders and that has been accepted. We do not need Assange or Snowden to know we are spied upon. We know it already but nobody does anything to stop it. All attacks of the 99% are directed against the system and the answer is at the most some reform of the system though hardly in favour of the privacy of citizens. The same leaders who ordered the spying are still on top of the spying agencies, have still the same idea that spying is necessary to control us.

Attack is the best defence but most actions are defensive, reactions on leaders who sack, foreclose, raise taxes, install new spying devices etc. Actions do not ask why and who take decisions. Actions are not directed on the question why leaders who take wrong decisions remain in power. Authorities are not forced to answer on protests. They know that most protest dies out in a few weeks and that their position remains unchallenged. Actions should stealthily intrude the exclusive world of decisions-takers just as they stealthily invade our private life. Actions should undermine the mentality that leads to wrong decisions and not only attack new wrong decisions while old wrong decisions remain. We should control, veto, and eventually punish faulty leaders who violate our freedom, privacy and well-being on our way on the places and reasons we decide. Then they have to react and we can force real change.


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