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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 33

Changing the money paradigm in the same status paradigm

The idea that all people have the same status should dominate all decisions



All societies are founded on basic ideas, on paradigms. The 1% use their power to strengthen the present paradigm that money rules. Any activity is judged by the effect it has on the flow of money that goes from down below to the upper layers. Money dominates everything, people are secondary. A paradigm shift, replacing the dominant role of money by the idea that all people have the same status, is a revolution. It supports the idea that movements must be leaderless because leaders have another status then followers.

Thomas S. Kuhn wrote in 1962 about paradigm shifts in science in his famous book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”. In the period between two revolutions scientists apply the old paradigm on existing problems. He calls this kind of science the solving of puzzles. Not all problems can be solved in this way. “The failure of the existing rules is the prelude to a search for new ones”. In the present world many big problems cannot be solved on the puzzle-solving manner. A new paradigm is needed to solve unsolvable problems as the continuing misery for a great part of humanity, poverty, hunger, wars, illnesses, racism, discrimination, etc. These problems are not solved because money and not people is the basic reason for decisions.

The continuing problems for the 99% are the reason why movements should be demandless. Demands give the idea that problems can be solved inside the present society. By concentrating on the paradigm shift, by taking the power and the money away from the 1%, seemingly difficult problems are easily solved after the power is taken away from the greedy few.

In a revolutionary period scientists use the new paradigm to solve unsolvable problems. During and after the paradigm shift “scientists see new and different things when looking with familiar instruments in places they looked before…………. What were ducks in the scientist’s world before the revolution are rabbits afterwards. The man who first saw the exterior of the box from above later sees the interior from below”.

Kuhn emphasized the role of humans who get new insights by applying new ideas, new paradigms. Nobody sees now a solution how to save the nearly ten million kids that die each year before they are five years old, how to let the inferior position of women and coloured people disappear, how to correct the backward situation in many parts of the world, how to combat the rising inequality or how to prevent the coming environmental catastrophe. By continuing to regard everything with the idea that money is the dominating factor, these problems cannot be solved. We need a paradigm shift, a revolution.

Existing problems cannot be solved in small steps, by a series of small improvements. That is again proven by the present financial and economic crisis that has been a huge setback in the life of the 99%. Any past progress we have made in small steps is in a short time destroyed by the crisis, fabricated by the elite to protect and improve its own position. A paradigm shift is a jump to unknown territories. We live now in a dark society in which the bright future is not anymore visible. A revolution chases the clouds away and opens the way to a Humane World. Only with jumps humanity can develop to a higher stage. That has been shown by past social or technological revolutions.

The new paradigm gives rise to new ideas for actions against the 1%. In the transition period towards a new kind of society the same status idea should already be used. One of the consequences of the new paradigm is a solution to the problem that in past revolutions the biggest burden was carried on the shoulders of the 99%. Too many 99% died in revolutionary struggles while the damage to the 1% was small and direct pressure on the 1% hard to find. This gives rise to the Golden Rule for Actions that damage to the 99% must be minimal and pressure on the 1% ever increasing. Living people should stand central and not dead money. The Golden Rule for Actions puts people in first place.

When all people have the same status it becomes intolerable that some people possess and spend tremendously more money and live a completely different life than other people. When we translate that in actions the slogan “Spending more than 200.000 euro in one year should be the limit!” makes sense. All goods and services that cannot be acquired by 200.000-minus people are action targets as well as the people who use this kind of goods.

The new paradigm does not say that all people are equal but that all have enough food to eat, a decent living place, good education and health care, basic ingredients for living decently, not being forced to use most energy for the daily struggle to survive. There remain many differences between individual people. In my book “From Chaos to Change, entering a new era”, I give more examples but nobody can foresee how the future will be when it is based on a new paradigm.

By being creative many small actions that are carried out by many Autonomous Clubs will change the world. The saying that small is beautiful is also supported by the new paradigm. In big organisations people are subordinated to leaders and human individuality and creativity are suppressed. Action methods based on small Autonomous Clubs moves responsibility from leaders to individuals.

The new humane paradigm inspires and guides the 99% towards a new and better world. Actions guided by inspiring slogans say which action targets and methods contribute to progress and freedom. It is the first step towards a world without a 1% and with individual people who have developed new means and skills to protect their freedom and well-being.


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