200 200,000 and the masses


We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 34

Changing the minds of the 99% and of the 1%

The same status paradigm will penetrate and change all minds



When we want a different kind of decisions that are beneficial for all people and not in the first place for a small privileged group we must determine why decisions are taken and who takes them. The privileged living situation of decision-takers is one of the prime reasons for their one-sided decisions. They look at what happens in their own environment and not what happens to the 99%. We must change the mind and the environment of the most powerful people, the 1%, who only see their own kind. Therefore we have to penetrate in their private living sphere.

People stand central so why should we talk about political systems. Any system can be used by powerful people for their own benefit. The present system is dominated by the power pyramid and the assumption that money is more important than people. Decisions are not guided by the idea that all people have the same status. The top lives very high up in the skies and hardly listens to or has knowledge of life at the bottom.

The system and the basic money paradigm are maintained and defended by the power of the 1%. When people start to use the new same status paradigm they see different solutions using the same facts as before (Thomas S. Kuhn). The first guiding idea from the new paradigm is that we should pressure living people. It is contrary to the present idea in leftist and rightist organisations that the system should be changed. First we should have different basic ideas then the system will change also. The system will however only change in the right direction when the 99% have changed.

It is nearly impossible to convince people that a new system is better than the old one when nobody knows how that system looks like. It is one of the failures of leftist revolutionary parties who want another system, talking about the new system but forgetting to explain how that system should be reached. These parties ended their revolutionary struggle by being embedded in and even endorsing and promoting the money dominated system. Party leaders want power and a good life for themselves more than another society in which all people have a better and different life. Only by actions we can make the 99% clear how we get more power and how the 1% change because of our pressure. Because of small successes many people who know that the present system is rotten get hope that something else is possible. Actions change the minds of the top as well as the minds of the 99%. Now the human mind is too much influenced by money. A new world arises when the 99% experiences that they have the knowledge, the possibilities and the power to control their own life by blocking any control from up there. They have only to apply the new human paradigm that gives all people the same status.

Most action targets are too vague and bring no inspiring successes that persuade the 99% to join the Movement for a Humane World. We should reject old unsuccessful action methods. Efforts to change the system have failed in the past. Power is a too vague concept but actions around money are concrete, undermining the use of surplus money by putting pressure on greedy people. The human factor stands central. The exclusive private life of the 1% is the reason why they are so selfish. The prime target are people with a lot of money who take wrong decisions about the 99%.

Top-people take decisions because their mind is formed in a special way in the family, on elite universities and in organisations that are guided and inspired by the idea that money dominates everything. Changing the institutions where the 1% are educated is difficult. We can disturb teachers but the result will be indirect with hardly visible results. Just as proposing another system, changing the environment of the 1% is too slow. In the meantime much more misery has to be accepted by the 99% and there is no prospect on a world without misery.

Money and the environment are important factors that influence the minds of the 1%. The idea that money dominates is obvious in the gated communities and the big mansions where the 1% live. Money is always prominent present in their life and minds and they strive to further improve their already lavish environment. People without money are not welcome. The 1% meet people of their own kind in their neighbourhoods, their private schools and universities, their clubs, restaurants, holiday resorts, hotels etc. Ideas that are widespread in these environments dominate decisions. What common citizens think is unimportant, they barely exist for the 1% and they hardly meet these inferior people on the same level. They use the upper layers of the 99% as source of knowledge and as instruments to spread their ideas about money as the dominating factor under the lower layers of the 99%.

Action targets are simple. Care for it that they cannot use their money. Care for it that they cannot remain an isolated superior group. When the world of the 1% becomes uninhabitable they must descend to our world and their minds change because their environment changes. Also the minds of the 99% change because they see that the seemingly unassailable leaders are now living nearby. The 99% have accomplished something they could never imagine they could accomplish. The 1% and their lackeys realise that they are forced to do things they never imagined they should do in the past. One of the simple ideas that guide actions is creatively disturbing the world of the 1%.

Actions have success because the 1% have never been attacked in their safe-looking castles. They react on the pressure on their eliteworld. Then the 99% realise that at last they are calling the 1% to account for all misery they have caused to the 99%. Because of the constant pressure by the 99% on the private life of the 1% all minds change and different values start to rule the world. 


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