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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 41

Practical ideas to guide actions

Actions should be based on and judged by the new paradigm that all people have the same status



“In battle, there are not more than two methods of attack – the direct and the indirect; yet these two in combination give rise to an endless series of manoeuvers” (Sun Tzu). The goal is taking the power and the money away from the 1% and that the separation between the worlds of the 1% and the 99% disappears. Actions should be quite different from past actions that did not succeed in getting a Humane World. People stand central so action targets are people who restrict the freedom, privacy and the well-being of the 99%. The same status means that activists act autonomously without leaders.

Money is the prime motive for the 1% to get and keep power. Therefore actions should undermine the money paradigm by preventing that the greedy rich can spend their surplus money. With this money they secure for themselves a safe, extravagant, exclusive and cosy life. The money factor can be undermined by actions inspired by the guiding slogan “Spending 200.000 euro in one year should be the limit!”. Their cosy life is disturbed by intruding in their private living sphere, making clear that their privacy will become as insecure as the privacy of the 99%. At the same time actions undermine the power pyramid that makes common citizens inferior beings. Targets are higher and include lower bosses who take decisions in favour of the upper layers of society by violating the freedom and well-being of the 99%.

Long-lasting direct actions against the 1% have a great impact. The top has been hardly pressured in the past. They do not know how to defend themselves, they are defended by servants. Their minds should change so they accept that all people have the same status. Therefore we must not replace one boss by another boss who is soon as greedy and bad as the removed one but change their attitude. Killing does not comply with the same status paradigm. When a leader is replaced by another leader activists must again build up the pressure on the new leader.

Most actions should not cross the borders of existing laws. Unexpected disturbances that are hardly punishable have more effect than one or two big actions like bombings or arson that can only be carried out by experienced activists. The same status demands that activists are not trained to carry out special actions but that everyone use their own skill and knowledge. The combined skill and knowledge of all members of Autonomous Clubs guarantees that the right actions are carried out.

After some time activists see the effect of their activities in the media, the attacked persons care for that. Media hardly publish statements from activists so it is useless to send messages to journalists. One of the defences of the 1% is using the media. Most actions are carried out in secrecy and activists should not brag about actions they carry out. Safety is important says the Golden Rule for Actions. The separation of the two worlds of the 1% and the 99% is another argument for a different kind of actions. The same status paradigm is a guiding idea for the 99%. In regard to the 1% other rules are applied based on the simple words of Sun Tzu “All is fair in love and war”.

When simple and clever actions are carried out in the 1% world, for example throwing a can of paint against their front door, many 99% think what the fuss? It is far from my bed and I have experienced worse things. Such small disturbances have a big impact on people who live in a secluded and protected environment. The 99% should be careful not to be caught in actions and follow the advice of Jean Paul Mart: “We should attack the enemy in all places where the army cannot be used”.

Because the 1% are money-people actions that cannot be insured are preferable. Removing the most beautiful plant from their garden and replanting it in a public park, spreading rumours in the neighbourhood, disturbing their recreation places, entering with a flash mob an expensive restaurant or throwing dandelion seeds on the greens of their exclusive golf club cannot be insured. Be creative and combine direct and indirect actions.

The 99% are often confronted with violence and the threat of violence. When bankers foreclose our house we get a peaceful letter but with the threat that when we do not leave we are thrown out. But the 99% are used to violence from above. The threat of possible violence disturbs the quiet, guarded life of the 1% more than the life of the 99%. When the number of actions increases it causes rifts between individual 1%. Those 1% who continue to live quiet and comfortable do not want to be drawn into a damaging conflict with the 99%.

The 1% are like spiders connected to the rest of the world by a vast web of thin threads. To disturb these fairly weak threads violence is hardly needed. The 1% need food and many other things as transport, electronic means of communication, contact with family, other 1%, servants and many other people, recreation places, materials to build and repair their property etc. Through the veins they control the world. Orders travel from the heart to the limbs and money flows back to the heart. The veins are maintained by the 99%. The 1% only make their hands dirty for counting money. The world is so complicated that people cannot live separated from other people. When the veins are plugged up, their exclusive world becomes uninhabitable.

Some crows’ feet on the roads to the city disconnect the 1% from the rest of the world but there are many other ways to cut roads. Damage to the 99% is minimal because they do not use these roads. Demanding from the milkman or another delivery service to stop delivering goods to the house of a 1% causes some damage to the milkman but he delivers so much more milk to the 99% that this damage is negligible. He will comply with the request to avoid pressure from the 99%. When exclusive recreation places are time and again disturbed, a 1% will be excluded from these places because other 1% do not want to be disturbed.

How actions are carried out is already a long time ago described by Sun Tzu: “When strong, avoid them. If of high morale, depress them. Seem humble to fill them with conceit. If at ease, exhaust them. If united, separate them. Attack their weaknesses. Emerge to their surprise”.

It is possible to put pressure on lower bosses, the servants of the 1%, but they are more used to intrusions in their private life. They execute decisions of higher placed leaders and hardly take own decisions. Police-officers, lower civil servants in the public or lower managers in the private sector who have direct contact with the 99% are often abused and attacked. They are used to a certain amount of pressure and sometimes even trained to cope with it. They are more difficult to pressure. Disturbing their private life is a punishment for being a trusted servant of the 1% and thus violating the same status paradigm. Actions against them should not take place too often. Leaders with a higher status are responsible for our subordination but pressure on lower bosses can force these servants to oppose orders from above. It is also easier to carry out actions against them because lower echelons of the power pyramid live mostly in the same kind of neighbourhoods as the 99%. By carrying out actions against lower bosses activists can be like a fish in the water. Such actions can be a training-ground for actions against the 1%.

Only actions that undermine the power and the money of people with the highest status open the road to a Humane World.


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