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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 42

Actions and action targets

Preventing amassing and using too much money guides the actions of the 99%



"The guerrilla fights the war of the flea, and his military enemy suffers the dog's disadvantages: too much to defend; too small, ubiquitous, and agile an enemy to come to grips with" (Roland Taber). We are small and numerous and actions should also be small and numerous, complying with our strength. A flea can pick up a grain of sand, hundred thousand fleas replace a mountain.

In Argentine they invented the rolezinho, in a flashmob poor black youth hold parties in exclusive malls, usually occupied by the white rich. An example how the world of the 1% can be creatively disturbed. Many small actions of many small groups of 99% slowly disturb the cosy world of the 1%. Some activists use sound that penetrates their houses, others use a rock, enter an expensive restaurant and taste the food, disturb quiet recreation places, spread rumours, flyers and stickers with the name, the address, the telephone number and the email-address of the target. Disappear before the police arrives. The 99% should be creative and have fun. Some actions are peaceful, others use a little bit of violence. To disturb the extensive web of veins that connect the 1% with the outside world violence is hardly necessary. The safety of activists is more important. Everything is directed at one goal, disturbing the privileged world of the 1%.

The 1% live in expensive houses, go to exclusive clubs and restaurants, buy items and services the 99% never can buy, go to recreation places the 99% only may enter as servants. They live in a separated, privileged and extravagant world. Actions against these places hardly influence the life of common citizens who live elsewhere. That complies with the Golden Rule for Actions that damage to the 99% must be minimal and pressure on the 1% ever increasing. All these special places are hard to defend. Find the weak points and the stinging flea escapes unscathed leaving a disturbed world behind. Innumerable actions are possible when you are creative. Most targets have never been disturbed.

Exclusive clubs, expensive sex clubs, special sports, holiday places, schools.
Exclusive conference places, expensive hotels and restaurants.
The art and luxury world with paintings of a hundred million, watches of a million, laptops of five million apiece, fashion, jewellery and furs.
Houses (the size as well as the number of houses, most of them standing idle).
Cars, boats, private planes or extravagant plane tickets.

Security and service personnel.
Electronic communication networks or special elitist magazines.

Many small actions in this money sphere during a few months are more intruding in the life of the 1% than one big action after which life just goes on as before. People who participated in creative disturbance of the eliteworld had a lot of fun and got more self-esteem because they became less dependent on the caprices of the people up there.

Go with a few friends to a golf club where the entry fee is over 100.000 euro and use your shovels on the spotless greens. Go to an exclusive restaurant and taste the food the 1% has on its plates, make excessive noise outside the house of a 1% or stick some stickers on lampposts in his neighbourhood with his telephone number and the offer to sell a beautiful car. Throw some strong smelling liquid on places he often comes or use super glue to secure doors he uses. A potato in the exhaust of his car gives a nice effect. A phone call to an airport that someone carries some drugs or stolen articles or that his second house is a drugs factory has surprising results. There are many possibilities when you are creative. The target becomes stressed and burned-out, loses control over his life and revises his values.

Even one person with a simple grudge can exert pressure on top leaders. Someone had an accident but he did not get his insurance money. He went to the Dutch headquarters of the insurance company Zürich and during seven weeks he picketed the head-entrance with texts like 'Zürich stinks' and 'Zürich cheats people'. He got some attention in the media. Zürich admitted its fault and gave him ten thousand dollar. He was not satisfied, cashed the cheque and continued the action. Several years he stood in his free time with his placards in front of the Zürich building. Nothing happened. Then he got the advice to go to the private house of one of the directors of Zürich. He distributed some pamphlets in the neighbourhood and occupied with his boards the sidewalk in front of the house of the director. After a few hours the police came and a judge prohibited him to come in the vicinity of the director. The first payment after the accident had taken some years, the chasing away of a demonstrator only a few days. The mounting pressure forced the director to use power instruments as the police and the court. Nevertheless the activist continued his actions in the nice neighbourhood of the director and in the end he got more insurance money.

Part of the revolution can be accomplished by sitting in your armchair but it is sometimes necessary to take some risks. Actions remain however mostly within the borders of the law. Risks are much less than taking part in a demonstration that ends in fights with the police. The Arab Spring has shown that damage to the 99% has been too big.

The action of Greenpeace invading a Russian oil platform was wrong. The results of the often spectacular Greenpeace actions are very meagre and carried out by trained and paid activists. In this action thirty activists were imprisoned for months. Greenpeace leaders used activists not realising that damage was severe and knowing that pressure on the 1% was minimal.

They should first have read Sun Tzu, Von Clausewitz or Mao Tse-tung. Or just one line written by Jean-Paul Marat: “We should attack the enemy in all places the army cannot come”.


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