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Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 44

Actions from a distance, the use of electronics

Damage to the 99% is minimal by using electronics means in actions



Our life, our devices, communication, travel etc. is influenced, connected or even determined by electronics. Many appliances communicate with each other through free air, via towers and satellites. Just as crow-feet’s disturb communication by cars on the ground, electronics also can disturb the private living sphere of the 1% who are even more dependent on electronics than common citizens. Disturbances in communication make their world uninhabitable.

From a distance it is possible to influence and even cut off all use of electronics. Disturbing devices that use electronics is intruding and dangerous for the power of the 1%. Without the possibility to communicate with each other and with their servants they lose much of their power.

Recently hackers hacked the electronics that controls brakes, claxon, steering, throttle and even door locks of expensive cars. These systems are interconnected and the weakest point can be entered from outside to prevent that anyone can use the car. It is also possible to hack a car remotely after installing a device that can be triggered when you want it. To attack the weakest point is one of the basic principles of a guerrilla war. An additional hack of the doors of the garage will further disturb the quiet life of the 1%. Cars can be controlled from a distance and despite safety measures, hacking is still fairly easy.

In such actions the danger for the 99% is small and the influence on the life of the 1% tremendously. Not only cars can be hacked but all electronic equipment as TV, radio, fridge, oven, heating, opening and closing of windows or curtains, etc. It is too difficult to protect these systems. Security corporations have been hacked so why not their products? Everything can be done from a distance. By disturbing the electronic communication the life of the 1% is creatively deregulated and they cannot anymore issue orders that hurt the 99%. The private use of computer, telephone, whatsapp, twitter, site or Facebook can be disturbed, viruses can be introduced and data from GPS-locations made known.

The richer someone is the more dependent he is on electronics. Everything can be disturbed. Electricity, heating or water supply, contact with authorities (tax office and other government services), all data can be changed. And of course the whole money system someone needs to survive. When the money of the 1% is disturbed the fundamental base of their existence is disturbed.

Before the action starts collect as much data as possible about the intended target. Telephone numbers, IP-addresses, bank and credit card numbers, which, where and what kind of electronic devices are used, even a signature can be important. The use of devices to listen from a distance to what is said by the target must not be forgotten. A good preparation of any action increases the safety of activists.

Anonymous uses modern electronic means in actions. That complies with the Golden Rule for Actions because hardly anyone of the group has been arrested and certainly not wounded or killed. Actions are carried out from places where there are no security forces. It are however still protest actions. Hackers and Anonymous still target dead corporations and not living CEO’s and owners of corporations. Decision-makers are not pressured and do not change their decisions. Anonymous does not disturb the private life of living top-people who use dead institutions to implement decisions that enrich themselves and control and oppress The People.

To get a modern Humane World, we need modern action means but with the present kind of actions even targets are out-dated. The powerful are not disturbed by disturbances of the electronic communication between corporations and customers or when a site of a corporation has a new front page. It is a nuisance but not more than strikes that never changed the power and wealth inequalities. Damage caused by accidental disturbances is much higher than damage caused by hackers. Insurance covers all costs. These actions do not develop an independent power. The use of the electronic weapon looks promising but up till now did not pressure the 1%.

Activists continue to use out-dated action methods as demonstrations (the million masks march, organised by Anonymous) that are only asking and not forcing. Demonstrations are hardly directed against the servants of the 1%, the politicians, and not at all against the real bosses, the 1%. These old-fashioned actions disturb only our own life and not the life of the 1% and their lackeys.

Activists should look for the weakest points that are difficult to defend. Jean-Paul Marat said more than two hundred years ago “Revolution will be a kind of guerrilla in which we can attack the enemy in all places where the army cannot be used. This means that we can deprive the enemy of all his advantages”. Activists need not to be at places where targets live. We can use actions from a distance, disturbing activities carried out from places where the police is not present. Actions directed against the private living sphere of greedy people and not anymore against the instruments they use to squeeze money out of the 99%. With the new mentality activists enter a modern world by using one of the characteristics of a Humane World, living humans are more important than dead entities as governments, corporations or institutions.


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