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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 45

Action from a distance, non-electronic action means

Damage to the 99% is also minimal by using non-electronic action-means



Thousands bites of a flea are worse than one bite of a tiger. We are small but we are the 99% and that is our strength. Our targets are the 1%. Telecom, the post, mail order companies, taxi companies, travel agencies, newspapers, web shops, etc. Actions must use the changing society in which contacts are anonymously laid by modern electronic means of communication. Be creative.

Actions from a distance are fairly safe because activists do not come in direct contact with the target or their safety personnel. Other people are activated to contact the culprit. Before any action can be carried out, data have to be collected about the target. Telephone numbers, bank and credit card numbers, signatures, house addresses, e-mail addresses, the kind of car, hobbies, favourite restaurants, holiday places, etc. Knowledge can be power. When enough data are collected actions start. Do not fear that actions have no direct result. When an action does not succeed, try a different one and in the end you have success.

A simple change of address sent to his family, business and private contacts is disturbing. Unknown people enter his private world, targets as well as contacts wonder what is happening and contacts become careful because something seems to be out of order. There is even a danger the action-virus also hit the contacts.

You can stop his subscriptions to papers and magazines by phone or make new subscriptions he does not want to have. Subscription bills will pour in. Many scientific magazines send reminders to pay. Making false subscription bills with the bank account number of a charity organisation increases the pressure. Each time he gets a bill from an unwanted source he realises he is not anymore alone in the world and that people from down under threaten his privacy.

You can order subscriptions as a present for his friends and family. They like the gesture and call to thank him. Then he has to tell them he did not order the subscriptions and has to do something to cancel the order. It is not nice to tell friends and acquaintances that something is wrong and that they do not get a present.

Nobody likes to be released of some money. You only need a kind of signature and his address to promise money to a charity organisation. He is a known and decent person so it is awkward to tell these organisations that he does not want to support their work. A few dollars send to some friends can be the start of a discussion in his private circle about the strange things that are happening to the culprit. Put some dollar bills in a letter with the message that more money will arrive because he had a windfall. It is an action based on the idea that the target has no influence on what happens, he becomes dependent on what we do and comes in the same position as we who are dependent on what he does.

There are many organisations that send articles or carry out services before asking any money. Order ten cubic meters black earth for the garden to be delivered on the sidewalk in front of his house. Invite people to his house who want to talk about a new kitchen, a financial investment, a new roof on the house, new sun screens, solar panels or an improvement of the garden. Many people have done this already, mostly to take revenge against other members of the 99%. The list of goods and services that have been ordered in the past is very long.

Tens of cold buffets, a disco-show, hotel rooms with and without call-girls, a memorial service with ten funeral coaches, the Municipal Service to exterminate cockroaches, several plumbers and carpenters, a house-painter with a mammoth-crane, a machine to make coffee for fifty people, funeral wreaths, 50 dollar of meat, water softeners, a truckload of flower bulbs, several encyclopaedias and Collected Works of famous writers, a load of hat-and-coat stands, a shipment of logs of wood, all kinds of flowers through Interflora, a nurse to lay-out a dead person, a correspondence course in psychology, 27.000 towels, 4.000 pieces of soap, the controller of the Commodities Act, a shipment of expensive brandy, an undertaker, etc.

You can call the police, the fire brigade and many other people who want to offer their services sometimes for free, other times for money. Order a taxicab and another and another so often that the taxi company will never again send a taxi to the house. The culprit has to explain time and again why he cannot order a taxi. Even the fire brigade will not come when the house is really burning. And the police will stay away so the activist can approach the house of the target without fear to be apprehended.

The method was eighteen years long used by someone who ordered bedroom suites, standing clocks, refrigerators, TV-sets, tens of encyclopaedias, linen bedclothes, golden watches, jewellery etc. It cost the receiving family thousands of dollars to return the unwanted goods. It was a revenge action, not an action against a top leader. After eighteen years the perpetrator was arrested. He was fined one hundred dollar. It was too difficult to prove what the man had done so punishment was low. However you never know what judges say when you attack important people.

Advertisements are also a weapon in the struggle. You can warn shopkeepers not to sell goods to the wife of the culprit because her husband will not pay any bill. You can set his house or his car for sale or tell people that some antiques will be sold on a certain date at a certain time at his home address. Make some stickers with his phone number or his address to offer something. Many people ring the doorbell and every time the culprit has to explain.

Buy some cheap old books. Stamp in the book that the finder is requested to bring the book back for ten dollars. Leave the book somewhere in town near people who like to earn an easy ten dollar.

Actions aim to influence the mind of the culprit, not to harm or kill him. They have the sole purpose to increase pressure on people who belong to the elite. Demands of the 99% are now hardly taken into account by members of the elite whose motivation is only the continuation of the power and the wealth of the own group.

The influence of such actions was summarised by a Dutch mayor who was chased away by angry citizens. In the first months the mayor was more than five hundred times called on his phone. Then several windows of his bungalow were broken. He built a special wall to protect his windows but actions went on. A villager even drove his car against the garage of the mayor. The man was apprehended and sentenced to three weeks in prison. Afterwards the mayor said: "I never thought they could succeed…….  When you are harassed for months, you start to feel it. We got stressed and the noise of every new stone thrown towards our house became louder and louder. …….I am glad I am again a common citizen. You are powerless as mayor. Even when they break your windows you cannot do anything…..".The only thing the mayor did not understand is that common citizens are always powerless against decisions and machinations by  people at the top.


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