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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 47

Alternating minorities versus a democracy based on majorities (2)

Democracy is not the best system ever, we need a Humane Society without a 1%



Democracy is not the final solution for the organisation of humanity.  After two hundred years democracy has failed. Hunger, wars and poverty still exist and no end can be seen to this misery. Democracy does not need some minor improvements, the basic ideas behind democracy are wrong. Democracy gives not everyone the chance on a nice life, the same status and the same influence on decisions. Decisions are not taken by The People but by a small group of privileged people who think in the first place of their own well-being. The majority of humanity has hardly any say. That was already foreseen by the prominent member of the French elite, the count of Montesquieu, who proposed democracy as a new system that continued the rule of the 1%.

Advancing on the road to a better society democracy should be replaced by a system in which anybody can exert power, not dependent on the amount of money someone has or the backing of wealthy people. Elections that only concern a few minor political leaders and not leaders in the public and private sector are not sufficient. The many deficiencies and inconsistencies in the system demand for something new.

The growing number of rules and laws more and more restricts the freedom of common citizens. In Europe the number of laws rose sharply after 1945 when social democrats got more influence with their idea of a society controlled by strict laws for the 99%. They wanted to improve life by regulating the behaviour of The People without allowing them any say. In fact they followed ideas brought forward by the 1%. In the United States the number of laws also steeply increased. This restriction of the freedom of citizens was not caused by the influence of social democrats but by the wish of the 1% to control the 99%. Politicians, it did not matter if they were called left or right, were only one of the means to achieve that.

While common citizens have little influence on laws made by politicians, many other rules are taken without any influence of the 99% and have to be accepted. When you rent or buy a house, want guarantee on products you buy, go on holidays, have insurances, etc, rules are made by the selling organisation and influence of citizens is not possible. When you don’t agree you cannot buy or rent a house, you do not get an insurance etc. You have to accept the rules, you are powerless.

Laws restrict the freedom of common citizens more than the freedom of elitepeople. The top of society can use expensive lawyers and advisors to circumvent laws. More laws were only necessary to keep masspeople under control and to preserve the power and the privileged position of the 1%. Because the rising level of education the 99% became more conscious of their inferior position. A better education is a prime condition to reach another kind of society with free, educated, wise and autonomous people where the elite will lose its place.

Democracy has to be abolished but when you say you are not a democrat you are accused to support dictators. This indoctrination has gone so far that there seem to be only two possibilities, democracy or dictatorship though in democracies the 1% rule as dictators, opposition is hardly allowed. Many people find democracy the best system even when they see the great mistakes, the great misery for an important part of the world’s population, the greed and corruption, the uncontrolled crime and not at least the lasting superiority of leaders who have only one goal, to amass as much money as they can. But they do not know how they get change and where that change will lead to.

Any change could plunge life into chaos and lots of uncertainties. That chaos often occurs in our democracy because the 1% fabricate crises for their own benefit is disregarded. That the many wars, crises and the extraction of commodities in developing countries or the disturbance of the climate because of moneyed reasons make life for the 99% miserable is also disregarded. In a great part of the world chaos is already the rule.

I only advance a simple question: is it possible to get a Humane World in which all people have the same status by breaking the blockade that is built by the 1% to preserve the democratic system that favours the already privileged?


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