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Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 48

Alternating minorities versus a democracy based on majorities (3)

Advancing on the road to a different and beautiful future inspires the 99%



On the road to a different future several elements of a new society become visible. Citizens feel freer by having more influence on their own life and on the general process of decision-making. How the new society precisely looks like is the task of our offspring, of the people who live then. We only can make a start in the right direction. The Nuremberg judges after World War II were succinct in this regard: “Individual citizens have the right to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity.” About the same idea as Jean-Paul Marat who talks about the right to punish faulty leaders when the freedom, privacy and well-being of citizens is violated.

To get ideas about a new society, distance yourself from the democratic system. The idea that majorities decide must be left behind. Active, interested and involved minorities of common citizens should control decisions. Autonomous Clubs are temporary, alternating groups of independent and active people (thus minorities) who are interested or involved in a problem or an injustice. Citizens pressure decision-takers (also a minority) in their private living situation and force them to take their argumentation into account. Actions are often anonymous to protect the safety of the activists. The Golden Rule for Actions demands that damage to the 99% should be minimised. Masspeople become active when, where, how, with whom, against whom and about which problem they select and are interested in. Now political organizations led by a party elite decide what has to be done. Now citizens give their power to elected people who are nearly immune for any influence or ideas that live under the masses. On the many decisions of non-elected top-people in the public and private sectors citizens have no influence at all.

In my book “The Power of the Autonomous Human, theory and practice of attacks on humans”, I describe several actions and also some small successes. I participated in some of them. People who participated in those actions have seen that something else is possible. It is not right to restrict your activity to giving your vote to people who take decisions that are in the first place beneficial for the kind of people that live in the close vicinity of decision-takers. The power of the mightiest group must be undermined.

The more or less closed elite uses its power in the first place to preserve and strengthen its privileged position. These not-elected leaders use several methods to compel leaders to take one-sided decisions. This includes direct payment (corruption), promises of future well-paid jobs (also corruption) or embedding decision takers in the sphere of the elite by invitations to lavish parties and other emoluments. Lobbying (the use of power and money to enforce different decisions) is a special form of corruption. All methods are fuelled by money and in actions the money factor and what you can do with this money that is often acquired on a dubious way stands central.

The separated and exclusive world of the most powerful group has to be made uninhabitable to give masspeople more freedom and to destroy the possibility that the 1% use their special position to lure decision-takers into their circles.

Autonomous Clubs confront minorities of decision-takers by controlling them, vetoing wrong decisions and punishing faulty leaders who violate our freedom and well-being.  Anyone from the 99% can start or join a Club and all members have the same status what does not often occur in a democracy. Leaders of political organisations mostly use the silent uninterested majority of members to promote their own ideas. All members of a Club are active so there is no need for a leader who can manipulate the Club. All actions contribute to the idea that the 99% get more influence on their own life and the general social development. Only then humans really become freer.

The formation of temporary and alternating minorities of active, interested and involved citizens is contrary to what happens in democratic organs in which decisions are based on majorities that vote in the believe that leaders know what is best. The changing attitude of the 99% about elected leaders favours a fundamental change.

The Dutch phenomenon Fortuyn illustrated this change in the democratic voting process. People turned away from the old left-right politics and followed the charismatic Fortuyn. In the general elections of 2001 he won 17% of the votes in the Dutch elections. His political program emphasized the discontent of the Dutch voter with the political elite. Fortuyn hardly gave solutions but capitalised on the dissatisfaction. In later years support for rightist and leftist populist parties rose to over 30%. In other Western countries the same phenomenon occurs.

Fortuyn was murdered in 2002 but the discontent and antipathy for old political parties increased. After the murder many people said “They have murdered our Fortuyn who should make life better for us”. That is in contradiction to the idea that citizens must get an own power and not remain dependent on leaders. The idea that others could make life better is incompatible with the idea that free people decide with their own Fourth People’s Power. That has not yet penetrated deep in the minds of the 99%. Citizens are dissatisfied but leaders who decide over and for masspeople can never solve this discontent because they want in the first place more for the own group. Wide-spread corruption in higher circles shows that leaders want to have still more even when they have already lavish incomes and perks.

The prime characteristic of democracy is that people are allowed to vote but that elected decide. That leaders in the private and public sector are not elected is disregarded. But even elected leaders continue to preserve their high posts when it is obvious that they do a very bad job, that they are corrupt, that difficulties are mounting and that the freedom of citizens is more and more restricted. Politicians fail utterly in safeguarding the well-being of the 99% that deteriorated because of the crisis caused by the 1%. Only successful actions by Autonomous Clubs that penetrate in the private life of leaders can destroy this deep rooted problem. It makes decisions-makers clear that they should serve The People and not to rule over them. Power is in a democracy in the hands of a select group of elected and mostly non-elected minority of leaders, in a Humane World in the hands of free, active and involved citizens.


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