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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 49

Alternating minorities  versus a democracy based on majorities (4)

Decision-taking should be based on the freedom, well-being and activity of the 99%



Politicians take decisions in the first place on ideas that live in their close environment, on ideas of their peers and not on ideas that live in the masses because they hardly know the 99%. The same is true for the well-paid not-elected leaders in the industrial, financial and public sectors.

It is remarkable that corruption in the top is hardly punished. By misusing their power important amounts of money flow to the top. It causes a lot of damage to common citizens who have to pay for the corruption with higher prices and taxes. The theft of many millions by dubious actions of owners or directors of corporations, banks or big public institutions is not treated by their fellow-leaders with zero tolerance or indignation. The words corruption, theft, criminal behaviour etc, are seldom used. In their own circles these criminals remain accepted as full members of the Happy Few. They remain “Our Kind of People”. The small mistake of the disappearance or the embezzlement of a few millions does not have any repercussion. When “That Kind of People” embezzle small amounts of money they are dealt with in a fast and severe way.

In the far past some humans changed the world where only one kind of people lived in two worlds with two different kinds of people, the 1% and the 99%. The 99% have to abide by decisions taken by the 1%. It is a black-white painting but it contains a lot of truth. Nobody can deny that decisions often favour the already privileged group. That is obvious by analysing conflicts between powerful and less powerful countries. Also inside the borders of a country differences are striking. The retirement regulations for elected politicians are much better than for the rest of the population. The golden hand-shakes for CEO’s are very generous. The top finds they deserve to be treated differently than the rest of the world. They have the power to confirm that with advantageous excessive rewards. That is misuse of power for their own benefit, in one word corruption. Their selfish and greedy attitude is supported in their own circles that for the greater part consist of people who take comparable corrupt decisions. The 99% are not involved in any way in this money stream to the top. Incomes at the top of the private and the public sector are determined by the CEO’s themselves, not by politicians and certainly not by workers in corporations. All extra’s as bonuses and perquisites are much higher than for lower employees. Trade unions only talk about the income of workers, not about that of directors or about the height of profits of corporations. All extravagances have to be paid by the 99%.

Demonstrations, strikes, elections, boycotts, petitions and other out-dated actions do not impress leaders and do not give citizens decisive power. Former Dutch trade-union leader Wim Kok was in 1981 front man in the biggest Dutch demonstration ever. He told demonstrators he was against any nuclear weapon on Dutch soil. Years later he became prime minister but nuclear weapons are still present in my country. A few years ago they have even secretly upgraded the bombs though the vast majority of the Dutch population is against nuclear weapons in their country. Majorities do not decide, only minorities of leaders do.

New political ideas and new action methods are needed. The 99% should penetrate in the world of the 1% so decision-takers are directly confronted with common citizens. Autonomous Clubs create so much pressure on decision-takers that they are forced to change decisions. Clubs control, veto and punish but never replace them with other rulers. They change the minds of leaders. The Clubs are the Fourth People’s Power next to the three elitist powers of the Trias Politica that settles conflicts in the higher echelons of society. It is a power that controls if leaders take decisions in the interest of all.

The pressure by activities of common citizens can be described as Political Stalking, Small Violence or Creative Disturbance (see Chapter 19 of my book “About Violence and Democracy, in search for an alternative for democracy”). Everywhere decision-takers will be confronted with the 99%.

Because of the continuous pressure leaders change their way of thinking. When they continue to favour primarily the wishes of their peers they know pressure of masspeople will increase. At the same time the 99% get more self-esteem when their pressure has more result than actions that are allowed in the democratic system, actions that beg and ask and never force leaders to decide differently. After some small successes the 99% realise they also have power. Then they lose their powerlessness and become people with the same status.

A Humane World cannot come into existence when our world continues to be dominated and regulated by politicians who look upwards to the 1% in making decisions, who find the interests of the 1% more important than the improvement of the life of the 99%. This idea is still in its infancy but the growing discontent under the 99%, the growing awareness of powerlessness in regard to rulers and the mounting restriction of the freedom of common citizens demand another political system and above all another kind of decision-takers than in the present democracy. Democracy is over its top and approaches its end. We can accelerate this process that boosts the well-being of all 99% by attacking the present greedy and corrupt leaders.  


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