We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 6

I am autonomous, not leftist nor rightist

The difference between the 99% and the 1% is the most important problem



The only way to unite the 99% is to concentrate on a simple and single target, the 1%. Most actions around partial political demands divide the 99%. These actions are permitted because they are mostly powerless begging and are not dangerous for the sitting powers. Even more important, they distract people form giving attention to the basic reason why our society is so wretched, the existence of a 1% who live in another cosy and privileged world.

I am autonomous. The words left and right are created to divide the 99%. People hardly talk anymore about why the world is wretched, why there is a greedy extreme wealthy 1%, why money dominates all decisions and what we can do to change this. They talk about the differences between leftists and rightists. Leftists nor rightists ever succeeded getting a world without a 1% where all people have the same status. That cannot happen when the 99% continue to allow the 1% to split the 99% up in warring factions. The third dog walks away with the bone. One of the tasks of the political stooges is to dived and rule, divide the 99% so the 1% can continue to rule.

Politicians promote the left-right contradiction. By attacking rightist politicians you alienate the 99% who think they are rightist, by attacking leftist politicians it is the other way around. The 1% are not right or left, they stand above the plebs, they are “Our Kind of People”, quite different from “That Kind of People”, the 99%. Politicians can be attacked on subjects that have nothing to do with left versus right. Corruption, lying, cheating, sexual and other debaucheries and their unreliability are opposed by all 99%. But they should hardly become targets, they are servants who carry out the guidelines of the 1%. Direct attacks on the 1% do not divide the 99%.

Most politicians do not belong to the 1%. They are often in the beginning of their career and still have ties with the 99%. They are more resistant to attacks in their private living sphere. The 1% have never been pressured. Most were born in a secluded, safe world, far above the sorrows and the pressure the 99% have to endure. They are vulnerable.

The 1% are the prime target. Unknown, very rich and powerful people should be attacked. After some time the attacked 1% react in the media. Then the 99% become informed about actions that have nothing to do with the left-right contradiction but about their involvement with greed, corruption and other crimes for which they are seldom punished. Minimal ten billion euro streams each year in The Netherlands by corruption to the top and hardly anyone is prosecuted. But small manipulations connected with the social security net by the 99% are severely punished. Not one 1% has been punished for causing the financial crisis for the own benefit. Their wealth has grown while the income of the 99% went down and the number of poor 99% rose sharply.

Over the centuries the 1% has divided the 99%. Ethnic or tribal groups against each other, monarchists against republicans, Shiites against Sunnites, Protestants against Catholics etc. Sometimes this division was broken as in the French and Russian Revolutions. In Egypt the struggle against Mubarak was carried out by a unified population. Rightist football hooligans joined leftist activists in street battles, secular and religious Egyptians fought side by side. After the victory old divisions resurged. The 1% (minus Mubarak) again stressed with the help of the secular army the internal differences in the 99% and so secured their leadership. The 99% stopped fighting the 1% who continued to rule.

In the French Revolution Jean-Paul Marat pointed to this division when people with money wanted to hinder his inflammatory newspaper “The People’s Friend” by publishing papers with the same name: “it was easy to distinguish the sham magazines from the true “People’s Friend” because their authors (humbugs) always preached peace, tolerance, patience, submission to laws, obedience etc”. After all revolutions also in France a 1% again rose to power and money.

Solutions of internal contradictions in the 99% as left-right, racism or religious differences must be postponed to the new society. The prime task of the 99% is to remove the 1% from their money and power. Internal contradictions divide the 99% and weakens any attack on the top. The masses should fight together against the greedy top. Leftist nor rightist actions have ever brought a revolution that could solve the divisions inside the 99%. Elections intensify the left-right division. Demonstrations or strikes also create divisions because they hinder some 99% who do not want to participate and do certainly not hinder the 1% who live elsewhere. Most actions are fruitless and restricted to whining, complaining and crying out loud and then it stops. Ideas how to change society have been scarce.

Racism is a big problem but does not only exist in rightist circles. The 1% continue to import foreigners to exploit their skill and knowledge for less money than original inhabitants and create new divisions. But not in the secluded world of the 1% that is a racist world only open for Our Kind of People where That Kind of People only may enter as servants.

Taking the power and the money away from the 1% never succeeds when the 99% are fighting each other. When leftist and rightist armies confront each other or security forces only the 99% suffer and the position of the 1% is not undermined. The Golden Rule for Actions must be maintained, damage to the 99% must be minimal and pressure on the 99% ever increasing.

Jean-Paul Marat gave a simple advice:  Revolution will be a kind of guerrilla in which we can attack the enemy in all places where the army cannot be used. This means that we can deprive the enemy of all his advantages”. But leftist and rightist activists confront mostly other 99% while the 1% remains out of range.

Leftist and rightist activists use roughly the same action methods. During mass gatherings both fight the police and in both camps some activists use violence against dead objects as banks or government buildings. Both want another society and both have more trust in leaders than in the creativity of individual activists. Both sides are centrally organised with leaders and soldiers. Only leaderless movements have room for individualism.

Both sides are split up in many small groups that fight each other instead of the 1%. Both sides prefer to attack political lackeys and thus strengthen the left-right divide. Both should stay far from the political game because politicians only please the bosses by splitting up and controlling the 99% with lies and deceit. Rightist as well as leftist activists do not understand that another society is not possible when the power of the 1% is not undermined. Both sides miss great leading ideas for a new society as the idea that all people have the same status. They prefer to improve a little the present society though that has hardly positive results.

Contradictions between leftists and rightists cannot be solved before the contradiction between the 1% and the 99% is solved. When there is no common goal this contradiction blocks any progress.

Many leftists have ideas that also fit in rightist circles and many rightists ideas that belong to leftist circles. That was shown by people living in corporatist countries as Portugal or Italy or in leftist countries as Russia or Cuba. Leftists became rightist and rightists leftist. In Germany there were many beefsteak socialists, brown on the outside, red on the inside.  The differences between left and right are not very big, people can change sides. Differences are encouraged and promoted by the 1%. One of the most important ideas is that money dominates all decisions. Dead money has replaced living people, therefore we should strive to get a world in which people stand central, in which all people have the same status.

Contradictions between right and left should be inferior to the contradiction between the 99% and the 1%. But that does not mean that rightist and leftist activists should be active at the same place and on the same time. People are different and should not act in masses in which all participants must follow the same action methods and ideas. The target is the same, the 1% who dominate this world. One of the advantages of actions of small Autonomous Clubs is that conflicts inside the 99% are avoided and that everyone contributes on his own autonomous way to take the power and the money away from the 1%.

I am not left, I am not right, I am Autonomous!


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