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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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Why is there no revolution




Only a revolution changes the idea that money dominates all decisions in the idea that all people have the same status. For a Humane Society we must take the power and the money away from the 1%. The separated and extravagant world of the 1% should be made uninhabitable.

Why do we allow the greedy and corrupt rich to amass still more money? In the revolution the 99% learn how to chase away the old 1% and how to prevent that a new 1% arises again. Therefore they need an independent power to correct leaders who take decisions for their own benefit.

One of the revolutionary instruments of this Fourth People’s Power are small, leaderless and temporarily Autonomous Clubs of which the members decide where, when, how, about what, with whom and against whom actions are carried out. Small is beautiful in the extended War of the Flea of now powerless 99% against the powerful and extreme wealthy 1%.

Actions should comply with the Golden Rule for Actions that damage to the 99% is minimal and pressure on the 1% ever increasing. The second Golden Rule is that all actions should be directed against the 1%.

Actions are inspired by the guiding paradigm that all people have the same status.
Activists control, veto and eventually punish faulty leaders who violate the freedom, privacy and well-being of the 99%. Not institutions, corporations, banks, governments, buildings or other dead entities are action targets but living people who belong to the selfish 1%.

My more than fifty years of action experience has shown that revolution is not possible by using old-fashioned actions methods in which activists only beg or ask leaders to change decisions and not force them to change. All past actions did not prevent that the power and wealth of the 1% increased while the freedom, privacy and well-being of the 99% went down. We need something completely different to get a Humane World.

The greedy and corrupt grabbers at the top destroy our world but are hardly pressured by the 99%. They are responsible for financial and economic crises and for most of the misery in the world including the horrifying fact that nearly ten million kids die each year before they are five years old. They are the principal target in the fight for a better world. We can change their minds by many small guerrilla-like actions, guided by the slogan “Spending 200.000 euro in one year should be the limit”, that prevent they can spend their ill-gotten money for their own extravagant well-being. While they have a privileged, exclusive and prosperous life, billions of people have no future and live miserably at the edge of the world.

Amassing money becomes useless when the super-rich cannot spend their surplus money on goods and services that can only be acquired by 200,000-plus people and that are out of reach of common citizens. We cannot prevent that the top earns too much but we can creatively disturb their private living situation in such a way they cannot spend their unfair gotten money. In the end their exclusive eliteworld becomes uninhabitable so they have to descend to our world and all people will have the same status.

When the reason to amass money disappears our world becomes more decent. The action tactic Creative Disturbance only hurts the greedy top with actions that intrude in their privileged world. The top has never been attacked but is vulnerable. The 99% can change our inhuman world by taking the power and the money away from the 1%.

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