Articles about catastrophes, chaos and paradigm shifts
by Joost van Steenis

A paradigm shift, a Revolution, is a fundamental change towards a society in which the basic ideas on which society is built have changed. The paradigm shift should replace the idea that money dominates all decisions by the idea that all people have the same status. This change cannot take place in a quiet situation, it demands intensive activities of The People and therefore the situation looks chaotic though people can cope with this chaos because they are involved in society and have caused the more or less chaotic situation themselves. It is a step forward to a catastrophe, a revolution, a sudden event in which many things change and society enters a new phase, humanity advances in a new Humane World.

For change it is necessary to cause political catastrophes that changes the power relations . These catastrophes also change the minds of masspeople as well as the minds of elitepeople, because the world of the 1% becomes uninhabitable and all people will have the same status in the same world.  
See also chapter 11 (Jumps in the brain and and in our thinking) of my book "The Scarists". In Chapter D of the "Mathematical Chip", the appendix of the same book you can find some mathematical background about Catastrophes.




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