Articles about cyber actions
by Joost van Steenis

Cyber actions are actions that use the modern electronic means of communication. It is a new weapon in our society in which communication is important for the power of the 1%.
It are old articles but the problems that existed then are still not solved, on the contrary, the control via internet and the electronic means have multiplied.
Electronic attacks on persons have still not materialised.
It is one of the fairly safe ways to undermine the power of the 1%, the power pyramid and the lasting rule of the 1%.



  December 9 2001 Curtailing Internet
  April 18 2001 Political spam
  March 2 2001 Electronic stalking
  January 31 2001 The purpose of an attack
  January 31 2001 Hacktivism
  January 16 2001 Cyberactions
  January 8 2001 Cyberactions

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