Articles about democracy and elections
by Joost van Steenis

Democracy has failed to give The People influence about their freedom, their safety, heir well-being and their life. Something else is needed.
In these articles you find many negative aspects of democracy that support this idea.
The elite uses democracy to secure their own privileged position.
A new Humane Society will not be build on the democratic ideas of the count De Montesquieu who was member of the French elite and did no even think about the possibility that also common citizens should have a possible decisive influence on decisions.


  May 24 2012 Guns and demonstrations, nobody listens
  April 23 2013 Terrorists? The 1% should be on top of the list!
  November 21 2012 The elitist Trias Politica
  October 3 2012 Demonstrations have hardly success
  June 6 2012 99% versus the 1% is not a left issue
  April 4 2012 Romney or Obama? No difference
  February 21 2012 The Black Panther Party (compared with Occupy)
  March 26 2011 Not left, not right but autonomous
  December 12 2007 The hoax called democracy
  October 11 2006 Another clown as head of the United Nations
September 22 2005 Why are you against Bush?
June 10 2005 Dutch-French mass revolt
  November 5 2004 New political murder in Holland
  November 8 2002 Why elections? 
  July 13 2002 Wisselende minderheden versus een democratie gebaseerd op meerderheden (tweede versie)
  July 13 2002 Wisselende minderheden versus een democractie gebaseerd op meerderheden
  July 10 2002 Alternating minorities versus a democracy based on majorities
  june 13 2002 Alternating minorities versus democracy
  October 22 2002 The death throes of Pim Fortuyn
  May 21 2002 Murdered Fortuyn gets 17% of the vote
  March 20 2002 Electoral landslide in Holland
  December 12 2001 Beyond democracy

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