Articles about Al Qaeda
by Joost van Steenis

Some articles about Al Qaeda, the fundamentalist Moslem organisation a loose combination of many different and fairly independent groups, spends most of its time on wars to try to turn Moslem countries into fundamentalist countries. Attacks on Western targets - seen as the big enemy - have been scarce. The wars in the middle east and Afghanistan and the pro-Western very greedy and rich regimes in those countries are an important reason for the big number of Moslems who join the organisation.


  April 1 2004 Al Qaeda Mass Movement?
  Februari 18 2004 The influence of Al Qaeda
  January 31 2004 Al Qaeda is not important
  September 25 2001 Bush and Bin Laden
  October 5 2001 Lessons from the WTC catastrophe
  September 18 2001 WTC catastrophe
  March 20 2001 Osama Bin Laden

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