Articles about action methods
by Joost van Steenis

Without actions it is not possible to break the power of the 1%. There are however many action methods and most of them have not had much result or a lasting influence of the 99%. The 1% ruled in the past, rules in the present and will rule in the future when the 99% des not find better action methods.

The new actions methods are in the first place directed on persons because not dead systems, institutions, corporations or buildings take decisions but living people.
Change can occur by complying to the Golden Rule for Actions that says that damage to the 99% must be minimal and pressure on the 1% ever increasing.


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  January 1 2013 Autonomous Clubs, a new instrument for revolution
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  February 28 2012 The 1% as focus-point for actions
  February 21 2012 The Black Panther Party (compared with Occupy)
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  October 8 2011 Creative Disturbance, the New Culture of Resistance
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  August 2 2011 Greedy grabbers are guilty of our misery
  March 26 2011 Not left, not right but autonomous
  March 9 2011 Tunisia: the murderers are still in function
  February 18 2011 The elite won in Tunisia and Egypt
  January 24 2011 A new Culture of Resistance brings a new Humane World
  January 6 2011 A new Culture of Resistance
  April 29 2009 Delete the Elite!
  October 11 2007 Do not react, act autonomously!
  August 15 2007 Wrong kind of action
  June 30 2007 Protest is not enough
  June 12 2007 Down with G8 Power!
  July 14 2006 Football and society
  April 20 2006 People's Power !?
  December 10 2005 Johnson Murderer!
  July 29 2005 Petrol bombs are not necessary
  January 28 2005 No Movement in Iraq
  August 11 2002 Stop attacking mass people
  April 2002 The elite under fire
  January 15 2002 The end of demonstrations?
  November 1 2001 Terrorist wars
  June 12 2001 Fighting with the police?
  April 8 2001 Close the fur shops
  October 10 2000 Leftist actions are not effective

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