Articles about corruption
by Joost van Steenis

Corruption is the misuse of power for the own benefit. It is one of the methods of the 1% to bring money from the bottom to the top.
It is hardly prosecuted and for the 1% a safe way to amass more money (and power).
All corruption money is paid by the 99% in the form of higher prices and higher taxes.



  August 5 2013 Greed and selfishness promote corruption
  June 17 2013 Money streams to the top because of corruption, what to do?
  May 1 2013 Corruption is wide-spread and nobody does anything!
  April 9 2013 Lobbying is big and unpunished corruption
  March 17 2013 Corruption, trading power and influence
  March 13 2013 Decision-takers are often selfish and corrupt
  March 10 2013 Corruption is promoted by a Wall of Silence
  March 7 2013 Corruption, an important point in the struggle against the 1%
  March 4 2013 Corruption, the misuse of power
  January 23 2013 Legalised greed
  April 25 2008 Corruption, the only way to get rich
  June 28 2006 Are oligarchs less corrupt?
  October 3 2004 Corruption is everywhere
  October 30 2000 Gatesian corruption

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