Articles about the (bright) future
by Joost van Steenis

The 1% live in the past, the present and the future while the 99% live only in the present because they have no power to determine their future.
It is important to combine ideas about the future with activities in the present. In the future we want to have more grip on our life, more power to protect ourselves from attacks on our freedom and well-being and to get the same status for everyone. These elements must be already present in the action methods we can use now against the powerful 1%. A new kind of people will come into being, humans who are self-consciousness because when theyonce have dethroned the 1%, the group with more power and money than anyone else, they can do it again.


  February 24 2006 Towards a World without a 1%
  December 28 2012 We need a new Humane World
  June 26 201206 The road to the future is more important than the future
  May 24 2006 Hoping for a better world
November 4 2005 Again about a new political paradigm
  October 11 2005 We need a new political paradigm
  November 3 2003 The road to the future

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