Articles about violence in actions
by Joost van Steenis

Violence is one of the tactics that can be used in actions. But the Golden Rule for Actions states that damage to the 99% must be minimal and pressure on the 1% ever increasing so that violence must not endanger the life of activists. The goal of actions is taking the power and the money away from the 1% and changing their mind so they accept that all people have the same status. This happens after a mounting pressure and killing someone can be counter-productive because the 1% is replaced by another and the whole process of increasing the pressure must be repeated.

To reject all violence is however fighting with one arm tied on your back. The use of violence is only a tactic and should be used when necessary and beneficial for the struggle against the 1%.

The words of Jean-Paul Marat must be taken at heart: “Violence by The People is legitimate, it remains always far inferior to the sum of all injustices by the despots over the centuries”.



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