Electronic stalking
The 4th Letter in the series Cyberactions

Big Brother is watching you.
Stalkers are always around you - mostly with the intention to force you to behave in a certain way. Authorities are more and more stalking citizens and that is sometimes very unpleasant. I think the common man has also the right to stalk the authorities.

Stalking puts pressure on a person and that is exactly what an activist wants: to put pressure on a leading person with the purpose that this person takes decisions that are more favourable to the people.

The modern electronic means of communications can very well be used to increase the pressure on authorities with whom it is often difficult to discuss on an equal footing.

A first action can be a stream of e-mail's to the decision taker with arguments why a certain decision has to be taken. It must be clear that this stream has to reach the culprit in person. It is also necessary that the information stream must be maintained for several weeks or or even months.

Through stalking the stalked person will time and again on the most unexpected places be remembered of the existence of the stalker. To strengthen the action it is also important to send e-mail's with arguments to other authorities and some other people who are in close contact with the wrongdoer. Those people will approach the decision taker about the subject and will increase the pressure on this person.

The effect of the action can also be enlarged by sending e-mail's that ridicule the culprit to some persons from the inner circle of the culprit. This kind of action can be necessary when the attacked person does not want to listen to your reasonable arguments.

To approach the inner circle of acquaintances some knowledge about the private life of the culprit has to be acquired before the action is started. In this manner even common people can get some power when they use their knowledge on the right way and connect this knowledge with some actions.

But of course one cannot expect that only sending e-mail's will give the expected result. Actions by e-mail are only one of the possibilities to increase the pressure on a high-placed person. It will have to be supported by other non-electronic actions.

Joost van Steenis (March 2 2001)


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