Foundation Power and Elite 

The Foundation Power & Elite (in Dutch Stichting Macht & Elite) was founded on the 16th of May 1978 in the town of The Hague ('s Gravenhage) in the Netherlands.
The Foundation can be reached through its e-mailadress: downwithelite@gmail.com

PURPOSE of the Foundation Power & Elite can be found in the second article of the regulations:

"The purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of scientific research regarding the balance of power in the Netherlands and in other countries including Belgium, France, The United Kingdom, West Germany and the United States of America. The Foundation bases its research on its idea that the power in these countries is vested in economic and political elites. The research will include the activity, the continuity and the power of these elites and the individuals who belong to them."

(In Dutch: De Stichting heeft ten doel: het bevorderen van wetenschappelijk onderzoek met betrekking tot de machtsverhoudingen in Nederland en in andere landen, zoals met name BelgiŰ, Frankrijk, Engeland, West-Duitsland en de Verenigde Staten van Noord-Amerika, vanuit de visie dat in genoemde landen economische en politieke elites bestaan. Het onderzoek zal de werking, de continu´teit en de macht van de bedoelde elites omvatten en de personen, die hiertoe behoren.).

In the course of time the Foundation Power & Elite issued several publications based on its research. Some old publications are translated in English and published on this site next to new materials that are directly written in English.

The Foundation Power & Elite supports this site.

The list of publications:

1977 – 1979. Twelve issues of the magazine Power and Elite (Macht en Elite). The motto of this magazine was: The economic and political power in the Netherlands is concentrated in the hands of elites.
The purpose of this magazine was the publication of partial results of research into the Dutch elite. This research resulted in the publication of the first book of Joost van Steenis about the Power of the Dutchy Family Capital.

1980. Joost van Steenis, "The Power of the Family Capital and what to do about it". (De macht van het Familiekapitaal en wat er tegen te doen).*

1982. (rewritten in 2009). Joost van Steenis, "The Power of the Autonomous Human" - theory and practice of attacks on persons. (De Macht van de Autonome Mens – theorie en praktijk van het aanvallen van personen). *

1983 –1985. Joost van Steenis, fourteen issues of "Letters from an Autonomous Person". (Brieven van een Autonoom). *

1990. Joost van Steenis, "About Violence and Democracy", rewritten in 2003.

2000. Joost van Steenis, "The Scarists" - contemplations about a society beyond democracy. (De Scaristen - overpeinzingen over een samenleving die de democratie achter zich heeft gelaten).

2009. Joost van Steenis, "About Violence and Democracy" - in search for an alternative to democracy. A revision of the 1990-book with the same title but with the subtitle - is there anything better than democracy? (Over Geweld en Democratie – is er niets beters dan een democratie?). *

* Publications with an asterisk are in very limited numbers still available.
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