Leftist actions are not effective
The 1st Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, October 12 2000

Dear reader, 

It is time for a fundamental change.

It is possible that in the past mass actions were effective, but nowadays results are disappointing. Therefore many activists lose their fighting spirit and are forever lost for the movement. The result of many actions is negligible, not in the least because many leftist people are hurt in actions. I miss in anti-capitalist actions often the relation between planning and result.
Through strikes, sit-ins, demonstrations, etc., only minimal improvements are achieved. At the best some wrong developments are blocked. But the minds of the people at the top are still directed in the wrong way. Or do you think that the Seattle demonstrations against Globalisation did influence the way leaders are thinking? That the skirmishes between demonstrators and police in Prague are a step in the direction of a better world?
Leftist actions do not penetrate into the brains of rightist decision makers. The people at the top stay out of reach. Their first political goal was, is and shall be the improvement of the position of their own group (and to transfer their money, positions and power to their children).
Something else is needed to change this.
Something else is possible.

So stop fighting the police, focus your energy on leaders who take the wrong decisions.
Do not put any hope in elections. Then you only transfer some of your power to other people. 
Most leftist actions only ask leaders to change their policy, they never force them to act different. The elite gives sometimes favours to the masses but only when it is also in favour of their own position. It is necessary to break the power of leaders.

Political thinking is deeply influenced by the idea that change only occurs gradual. The Evolution Theory of Darwin that stated that life developed step after step from an early organic soup is at the least incomplete. Catastrophic events were also important in the development of living beings. The evolutionary theory benefits people who are in power because in a gradual way they will only lose their power in the far future - and in the meantime many people on the world die in wars or from hunger. And many more do not get the education to live a life that we in the West call decent. You need big steps to change this terrible situation and change is needed fast - not gradual. In spite of the petrifying idea that change occurs only on a gradual way the world has changed anyhow in the past centuries.

Many changes were brought about by (a part of) the leading classes. Slavery was abolished, colonies liberated and we got some social security. Of course some leftist people also advocated these policies but the strongest pressure for such changes came from within the elite, from those leading people who thought that their position, their power and their wealth should increase after these radical changes. Only the elite has the power to bring about change. Leftists miss this possibility.

It is time to force the leading class to change the world in the right direction. Society is becoming more individualistic. The left did not draw any conclusions from this change. Leftist actions are still concentrated on the mobilisation of many people on the short term, never on the involvement of some people during an extended action period. The left rejects the idea of the application of constant pressure on those people who take (wrong) decisions. On the contrary, actions are mostly directed against symbols of power, against places where important events are happening. There demonstrators clash with security forces and many activists and security men are hurt. The decision makers stay out of range. Leading individuals are never personally touched by actions.

I propose a different kind of actions. 
Therefore I open this new site on which an open discussion will be possible.
Very regularly I will publish new Letters of an Autonomous Thinker about something that happens in the world.
Stop hurting yourself in futile demonstrations, look for other action methods in which only those people are hurt who take decisions that harm innumerable humans who live at the edge of our world.
And, by the way, do not participate anymore in actions thought of and directed by others you are only cannon fodder. So do not engage in actions in which you do not control your personal situation. Start to act as a creative and autonomous individual.

It is time for a change.
When the power stays in the hands of a limited group of privileged individuals, most humans will remain secondary citizens. 
Only WE can make a New World in which everyone has some power.

For an elaboration of these ideas see my books "The Scarists" and "About Violence and Democracy", for practical examples see "The Power of the Autonomous Human".
For some direct actions against the elite see "The elite under fire".

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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