Osama Bin Laden
The 10th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Sarawak, March 20 2001

Dear reader, 

 When the basic rights of the masses are not recognised new terrorists will come forward in the future. Most of the governments who belong to the Alliance against Terrorism can be called terrorists themselves because they apply violence against their own population. Some of them also use violence against the population of other countries. See also Lessons from the WTC catastrophe  The United Sates of America have initiated a boycott of Afghanistan because the Taliban are protecting Osama bin Laden. What I think about boycotts you can read in the third article in the series cyberactions.

Bin Laden attacks the superpower. I do not like his method because many common people were killed in for example the bombings of US embassies in East-Africa and the attack on an US warship in Yemen. For a first opinion on the WTC catastrophe see the 16th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker.

The most important wrongdoing of the Taliban is not the protection of Bin Laden but the suppression of the Afghani masses especially women who are not allowed to work and their daughters who are deprived the right on a decent education. The Taliban violate the human rights of women. Bin Laden is only a minor problem. We can now in 2006 say that the American actions in Afghanistan did not solve the problem Bin Laden, nor did it help the subordinated position of Afghan women.

The mostly male Western leaders continue to be very friendly against the also mostly male leaders of many countries who regard women as secondary citizens.
Discrimination has never been a reason for Western leaders to cut the bonds with leaders of other countries and you can rightly say that they support this degrading policy.

Their beautiful words about the importance of human rights are blatant lies. Only when the own interest of the elite is endangered (by the actions of Bin Laden) the elite wants to undertake some action.

Now the elite is again menacing the Taliban leaders because of the silly destruction of some old and precious statues. But you never see such a co-ordinated effort when living beings, for example women, are being treated as slaves.

To make a world in which everyone is respected I want to change the balance of power between the powerful elite and the powerless masses who are again and again exposed to discrimination.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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