The 11th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Sabah, April 12 2001

Dear reader, 

A scientific report estimated this year that fifteen percent of the national product of Italy has its origin in activities of the Mafia. Through investments of profits members of Mafia gangs control 15 to 20 percent of the legal shops and factories. This flow of money could be examined and controlled by powerful people in banks and governments but some ministers did already deny that the Mafia is so important.

Capital earned in illegal activities intermingles with capital earned in the 'normal' way. This money flow is also influenced by tax evasions and other means that are not compatible with a decent way of earning money.

It is quite obvious why high-placed persons do not want to get a grip on questionable money flows. Then the not so decent way of earning money of many friends, relatives and fellow members of the elite will also be exposed.
Then the masses will see that those seemingly friendly democratic leaders differ not much from the despised leaders of big crime syndicates. In fact it is time and again proven that in their private life people from the top are openly intermingling with people who are directly involved in illegal activities. So why should they not be involved in the illegal activities of those friends? The elite has the power to stop illegal activities but it finds it profitable to use organisations as the Mafia to increase its own income.

The Italian Mafia is of course only an example of the way in which in every country of the world seemingly decent people at the top are connected with less decent people.

Not justice but greed is the prime move of the elite. It is quite logic that when the greediness of the elite becomes more and more known, individuals from the masses will also try to get more money than is decent. Do not direct your wrath against them, but attack elitepersons that are clearly involved in activities which only benefit themselves and their own group.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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