The 14th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, July 8 2001

Dear reader, 

I do not know if genetic manipulated food is bad for people.
I do not know if GM means Genetic Manipulated or Genetic Modified.
I miss the knowledge.
Most people miss the knowledge to judge.
But in Europe, most people do not like GM-food.
Instinctively people do not trust decisions that are in favour of GM.

(some excellent information about GM and the consequences can be found on

It is not a technical but a political discussion if GM-food should be allowed.
The judgement of people is sometimes confirmed when they read that Monsanto wants to make GM-seeds that are only good for one harvest so that farmers have to buy (every year) new seeds from Monsanto. Even when is said that farmers (in the Third World) will get free seeds when their income is less than $ 10.000 you can doubt the motive of Monsanto to introduce GM-seeds. It does not want to make better seeds, it wants to make more money and make farmers dependent of its products.

In Europe they are right to be suspicious. The ultimate motive of Monsanto is not to help the Third World but MONEY. The defoliant Agent Orange that was used in the Vietnamese war contained TCDD, the most dangerous form of dioxin, which is a known carcinogen. Monsanto was one of the seven manufacturers. I have seen the destroyed forests. Yes, it was indeed very effective. Only now, twenty-five years after the war, Vietnam and the USA made a deal to research the effects of Agent Orange. But American scientists have already declared that there is no scientific proof of the harmful effects of Agent Orange. When will the millions of victims and the damaged children that are still being born get any help? When will the war criminals who made and used these chemical weapons be prosecuted?

In the meantime Monsanto produces other chemicals. It did not and still does not think about the horrible consequences for humans. Monsanto never thinks of people. Can you trust that concern?

Excuse me. I talk nonsense. Monsanto does not think, it cannot have a motive, it is a lifeless entity.
The owners and the directors of Monsanto think (in the first place about money). It does not interest them how this money is produced and what the consequences of their products are for humans. Individuals who are only thinking of money cannot be trusted. That is the reason why so many people are against GM-food. They do not want to be dependent of concerns as Monsanto for the production of safe food.

So when you want to protest against GM-food do not protest in front of Monsanto, do not destroy GM-crops, do not direct your arrows at the institutions but attack directly the people who decide.

See also the article GM-food? NO!

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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