Bush or Bin Laden
The 17th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, September 25 2001

Dear reader, 

Hey, hey, hey LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?
That was one of the slogans we shouted in demonstrations against the Vietnam War while we carried placards with the text Johnson Murderer.

Does George W. Bush differ much from Lyndon B. Johnson?
Has the American establishment changed its policy after the Vietnam War?

The American elite carried out so many atrocities in so many foreign countries, supported so many cruel dictators, trained so many terrorists, including Osama bin Laden, that the answer is not very difficult. Something must be fundamentally wrong inside the United States when more than 2.000.000 of its citizens are locked up in prisons.
Do you really think that we will be better off when the war between Bush and Osmana, between the American elite and some murderous terrorists is terminated?

Do not listen to the demagogical words of Bush about a war against some fundamentalists. The reason of the existence of this terrorist group can be found in the policies of the same elite that wants your support. I do not think that you want to belong to the not-involved victims nor that you want to belong to the cannon fodder that will hurt innocent citizens in other countries. 

I write about the possibility to change the power inequality between elite and mass and that will not change by the WTC-catastrophe caused by people who are not my friends.
I write about power relations and those are not changed by the cry for war by leaders of the most powerful elite in the world, who are also not my friends.
Do not let the elite determine your actions and your thoughts. Continue to pursue your own policy in favour of a better world. Do not participate in a conflict that will solve nothing and that is determined by the very people you are fighting against in for example the Anti-Globalisation Movement.

"Your order is not our order" was a slogan in the Dutch Squatter Movement. Now we have another slogan: " your war is not our war". Therefore the call from Bush to choose between one of two terrible choices must be disregarded.

In Lessons from the WTC catastrophe I write about the why of the WTC catastrophe and why it will change the world (though I doubt it will change in the right direction). I look for other catastrophes that will open the way to a better world for all people and not only a better place for the happy few, the rich and mighty.
When this elite continues its undisturbed existence the world will not change and we have only to wait for the next WTC catastrophe. When the causes are not taken away even more terrible things are bound to happen.

By the way, why are the relatively small assets of people involved in terrorism frozen and why were the assets of people involved in the drug trade never frozen?

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

PS. See also Letter 16 of an Autonomous Thinker

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