Is the Movement dead?
The 18th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, October 20 2001

Dear reader, 

Must we use all our energy to stop a war started by the same people we challenge on other issues and leave these issues untouched during the war? When the war is finished we will have to start again the actions against globalisation and genetic manipulation (to name just two subjects). Globalisation is an example of the arrogance of the West because all power to push decisions through is concentrated in the West. Globalisation is one of the means to preserve the unequal distribution of power and wealth and so one of the deeper causes of this war. Must we put the Movement on ice?

More than a year ago Condolezza Rice, security advisor of Bush, declared that the USA needed a new enemy. She got two, terrorism and Islam. A new enemy was needed because discontent inside the West was growing and the elite did not have a good answer. In the past it could use the Red or the Yellow Danger. You are against the differences in power and wealth? Oh, then you are a communist and we do not have to listen to you because communism is bad, is against religion, against free thought, against democracy, against Now people who want a better society cannot be communists anymore, because communism has disappeared. But, you are against the differences in power and wealth? Oh, wait a moment we have first to defend our civilisation against Islam and terrorism and you when you are not a Moslem you are probably a terrorist. When you do not stand behind us you are destroying democracy, freedom, etceteras.

The elite is waging war to preserve its power over the world. But an important part of the elite is not directly involved in the war and continues with the same policies as before, for example in the fields of globalisation and genetic manipulation. I have the impression that many people who are opposed to these policies have stopped their activities and are now trying to stop the war. We must not be guided in our actions by the open (or the hidden) agenda of leading powers but we must follow our own agenda.

On http://www.left-turn.org Naomi Klein (from the interesting book No Logo (see Letter 15)) published an article called: "Protests aimed at symbols of capitalism find themselves in a transformed landscape". She writes about new possibilities to connect economic inequality with the security concerns that now grip us all. But she says rightly that there is much that is unsatisfying about fighting a war of symbols and further on I agree fully with her as she states that the symbols were only doorways. It is time to walk through them (and I add) and attack the power personalised in people who live behind these symbolic doors. Then we can carry out actions in our own time on the places we select.

Their war is not our war. We have to have our own agenda, put pressure on the elite so that the current form of globalisation and genetic manipulation will be stopped and that Monsanto stops delivering Roundup to the American Army that sprays this weed killer over Columbian people. The private life of many people from the masses is invaded and directed by the elite. Let we invade the private life of elitist persons who keep the human world divided into two parts, the eliteworld and the massworld. 

Try to change something in the richest part of the world. Because we live here let we tackle here the unequal distribution of wealth and power for example by continuing the struggle against elitist globalisation. When we succeed a new Gulf War will never happen again.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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