Do not forget the elite
The 24th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, 12 October 2000

Dear reader, 

It is not without reason that my site was called Down with the Elite (now Down with any Elite).
The elite only wants to solve world problems when it can maintain its own favourite position. Hunger, poverty, wars, AIDS, racism, corruption, illiteracy, suppression of women, drugs, etc. will only disappear when the contradiction between the powerful elite and the powerless masses is tackled.

What is one of the reasons of the Afghan War the greed for oil of rich Western countries.
What is one of the reasons of illiteracy the greed of the top of the Third World that refuses to spend money on general education.
What is one of the reasons that drugs are expensive and cause a lot of crime - the greed for drug profits that enter the Western banking system.
What is one of the reasons of low wages in the Third World the greed of the West for cheap consumer goods.

Lay, president of Enron, pocketed more than hundred million dollars before the company collapsed.
Ellison, president of Oracle, earned (?) last year more than 700 million dollars. 
Chambers, president of Cisco Systems, took (!) in 2001 more than 150 million when Cisco lost a billion.
Directors of Corus, the European steel giant, gave themselves a rise of 100 percent though the company registered huge losses.

Indeed greed.
The existence of a greedy elite is a root cause of many problems. Without the disappearance of this elite it will hardly be possible to solve any problem.
The elite who takes too much money is never punished. Under the two million prisoners in the United States (one of every 145 inhabitants) you will hardly find members of the elite.
There is a world of difference between elite and masses. When you steal bread you are imprisoned under a regime of zero tolerance, when you steal a million you are hardly called to account.
The distance between massworld and eliteworld is still growing. Within 25 years the water supply to two third of the world population is endangered but the elite will still have plenty water.

People want to solve problems but most problems are caused by conflicts between parts of the elite in which the masses fight and hurt each other while the elite reaps the benefits. 
World problems cannot be solved when the root cause remains untouched, the existence of an elite that only wants to safeguard its own power and wealth. Therefore you should never support the elite because its solutions exclude the final step: the abolishing of any elite.

Many people are dying in ongoing wars and many more people are dying because of hunger and poverty. All these people belong to the masses and are hurt in games played between parts of the elite. People from the masses are never allowed to be full participants in such events.

I do not see any improvement when the elite that lives in another world continues to rule the world of the masses. The elite only wants to safeguard its privileges, its surplus in power and wealth and its possibility to give this surplus to its progeny. The elite is not interested in the situation of the masses. When you want to get a better world, do not forget the elite.

Because of the lasting division of the world in two parts misery and poverty, suppression and subordination, dependency of the majority of humans on self-appointed leaders will continue to exist.

Do not forget the elite when you become politically active, point your arrows at the elite and not at fellow members of the masses even if these people do horrendous things.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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