Stop attacking masspeople
The 26th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, August 11 2002

Dear reader, 

“Only one asylum seeker at the time may enter my shop”. This shopkeeper was annoyed by  merchandise that was stolen. But what can you expect when a small community is flooded by hundreds of foreigners who are not allowed to earn a decent living.

The self-defence of the shopkeeper can only be justified when he should not only attack fellow-masspeople but also disturb the private life of leaders who caused the annoying situation. Unfortunately masspeople always attack each other, the elite stays out of range.

I propose to put direct pressure on members of the elite who take decisions that disturb the life of masspeople. The subordinate position of the masses will never change when they only fight each other. A century of leftist actions did not fundamentally change this situation.

The vast majority of mass actions is directed against other masspeople. This has to stop!

I often wrote about my doubts of the effectiveness of demonstrations see my First Letter.
I doubt if strikes have more than marginally success.
I do not think that destroying GM-crops in the field will stop GM-concerns to produce more manipulated food, see my 14th Letter
I am against boycotts, see a.o. cyberactions 3
I oppose fighting security forces, see my 13th Letter
I think that Palestinian self-murder actions against Israeli masspeople will not stop the occupation of Palestine.

Though I have participated in many actions, I am not happy. Participating people are often sympathetic but they only ask and beg and never force leaders to act differently. Besides most actions are at the best directed against lower echelons of the elite, never against people with real power.

Leftist leaders only want to improve society, they do not want to change it fundamentally. They block any attack on the power centre. Leftist mass actions are compatible with the elitist (Machiavellian) policy of divide and rule: divide the masses and the elite will rule forever. 
Democratic leaders endorse some mass actions because they provide an emotional outlet for dissatisfied people by deluding them with dreams of a better world. In reality these actions do not change anything and only deepen the split between masspeople. When two dogs fight for bones, the elite can continue to run away with the best pieces of meat. 

I prefer the masses stop fighting each other because of some imaginary contradictions, which are introduced by people who certainly do not belong to the masses. Therefore I propose the formation of massgroups in which masspeople forget their small differences and fight together against people who really disturb their life. When active masspeople block the wishes of the elite on one point, they know they can influence their life on all points. Then they are not anymore powerless but can determine their own life. Then they will become free people.

Lets try out some new direct action methods to influence leading people. 

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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