Why elections?
The 31st Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, November 8 2002

Dear reader, 

Bush did win. Of course, he wants to start a war that will make the world and especially the life of American citizens better, the umpteenth war to end all wars after which everyone will live in heaven.
But what do these elections mean? Bush got slightly more than 50 percent of the registered votes but more than twenty percent of the Americans did not register - besides the many who are not allowed to register (prison population for example) So maybe slightly more than one third of the adult Americans voted for Bush. And democracy should be the rule of the majority! Bush (and all other American presidents) never got an majority, they are only supported by a minority.

By the way I do not think that there is a fundamental difference between the policy of Bush or e.g. Al Gore.

In the Netherlands the phenomenon Fortuyn suddenly got 17% of the votes. The traditional political world was shocked. They never knew that the discontent under the masses was so big. But the List Fortuyn collapsed and the old political elite was reassured. It could continue to give all positions of power (including the lavish remuneration) to its members.

But do you think that the discontent has collapsed? Of course not. Many people refuse to vote because they understand that democratic elections are not in their favour.
Instead of boasting that the USA is the greatest democracy ever, American politicians should be permanently shocked because so few people are participating in elections. They can only choose between the bad and the ugly.
This non-participation should be reason enough to change the political system but leaders are satisfied that their privileged position is not jeopardised by the present system.

The masses should not squander their time on elections, they should develop their own independent creative power.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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