The importance of individualism
The 33rd Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, December 8 2002

Dear reader, 

Most important scientific discoveries and technologic developments were and are products of independent, obstinate individuals who attack existing traditions and unassailable reputations with unorthodox methods.
Individualism is one of the prime factors that have lead to the superior economic progress in Western countries. Without individual freedom and human creativity social and scientific development will in the end stagnate.
Individual capacities of independent citizens have to be strengthened but in reality they are more and more restricted. The lawmakers of the state try to canalise (and even prohibit) any new findings or initiatives. This process is supported by hierarchical mass organisations as political parties, trade unions or multinationals and also by religions, which block new ideas by using a set of rules that was based on the situation of many centuries ago. In many other big organisations as in sport, health or recreation the voice of individuals is also hardly heard and nearly never decisive.

The interest of the leading group, the elite, dominates more and more the interest of the masses. Selfish individualism of powerful people at the top restricts individualism of the powerless. The growing difference in income (and property) in the Western World is an expression of intolerable greediness. About the greediness of the American top see e.g. "For Richer" by Paul Krugman in the NYTimes.   

To change this outgrowth of egoistic individualism the masses should develop action methods that are based on altruistic individualism in which the first goal is the benefit of all individuals. When humanity in general progresses, the position of individual humans will also improve. The direct actions described on my site in which individual masspeople put pressure on individual leaders aim to change the minds of leaders so they will take the interests of all humans into account. These creative individualistic actions are in contradiction to the growing number of laws and rules that aim to make humans a kind of lifeless robots. This development will demolish the human species that is unique because of its autonomy and its creativity. These independent actions are also in clear contradiction to leftist action methods that only want to change the rules and do not want to abolish the growing restrictions on human development. They also neglect individual differences between leading people as well as individual possibilities of activists.

Actions must be directed against the top of the suffocating organisations that make individualism impossible. People in this top have still some freedom, mass people have become pawns in a chess game between parts of the elite. After the game the chess players are again friends no matter how many pawns and pieces have perished on the board. The pieces on the board must take their own live in their own hands.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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