I will be quiet (for a few months)
The 34th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, January 13 2003

Dear reader, 

First of all I wish you a very good and happy 2003.
I intend to produce some new ideas.

In the last two years I wrote a lot of articles.
I had many discussions with people who in some way liked my writings.
Now I will contemplate a few months about the next steps.

I am developing new ways how common citizens can use the special characteristics that distinguish them from all other living beings. I mean of course use them in a struggle for a better world. Combining the past, the present and the future, autonomy, creativity, independence and individuality are some of the characteristics that make humans unique.
But the elite curtails these special characteristics of masspeople. In our part of the world they keep the illusion upright that people are independent because of the democratic system, the Trias Politica and the freedom of the press. The masses are however controlled by the power of the elite and the freedom of the common citizen is very restricted. By the way an elite is a group of people who are on average better off than the rest of the population, have the power to maintain (and improve) this situation and to give these privileges through to its progeny.

In my writings I try to do three things.
1. I want to develop new action methods to change the unequal balance of power. Because attacking masspeople as well as attacked leaders are individuals I propose that masspeople intrude into the private living sphere of elitist leaders in order to change their minds.
2. I want to develop ideas for a political system beyond democracy, though I acknowledge that democracy is the most advanced  social system in the world.
3. I want to set some steps towards a new society in which real free individuals shall live.

In the coming months I will only scarcely send you Letters. On the one hand because I intend to travel in the Third World to deepen my knowledge of countries outside my small home country, The Netherlands.
But more important I intend to rewrite a book I published in 1990 in Dutch (I sold only a few hundred copies). This book was titled "About Violence and Democracy" and the new subtitle will be "In search for an alternative for democracy".

I am slightly disappointed that so many people still trust leaders. Critics are too much involved in analysing the present political system without looking for new roads to a fundamental different future. Most people have still some hope that our democracy will be righteous to the masses if the system only should change a little. I think democracy was, is and will be a system of which the greatest benefactors are the already rich and powerful and that the masses only get the crumbs that fall from the tables of the affluent.
I think that world leaders do not differ fundamentally. Clinton, Bush, Saddam Hussein or Putin differ only within the boundaries that safeguard the supremacy of the elite over the masses. When one part of the elite is struggling against another it is not so important who wins. The masses will suffer most and after the inter-elitist war the masses still have nothing to say.

So how is it possible to change this elitist system or better how is it possible to replace democracy with something else and by what should it be replaced.
I will let you know of my ideas when I return from the big world to my small country. Then I will again increase the number of my Letters.

Yours truly Joost van Steenis
Thinking of new ways to break the power of the elite.


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35. Do not support any elite
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