Do not support any elite
The 35th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, August 22 2003

Dear reader, 

After a few month of silence in which I rewrote my book "About Violence and Democracy" I send you the 35th "Letter of an Autonomous Thinker". 

Do not support any elite.

Many thousands of people dead, many more wounded, a lot of private and public property destroyed, the environment polluted, the industry reduced to rubbles.
A natural disaster caused by an earthquake?
No, the result of a war, for example the Iraq War.

Earthquakes are caused by nature, wars by humans.
Earthquakes do not distinguish between elite and mass, in wars the big losers are common people.

Only a few Iraqi leaders were killed or apprehended but the greater part of the Iraqi elite lives on as before. Together with some returned Iraqis this elite is ready to reap the profits from the war. The American elite at the least strengthened its already privileged position. The War in Afghanistan proved that life of common people hardly improved. In Iraq history repeats itself.

By the way, it is not important WHY the war started but THAT the war started. All weapons used are weapons of mass destruction, weapons made to destroy masspeople. In all wars many masspeople are destroyed and only occasionally an eliteperson dies. Do you really think the elite cares?

The Iraq War is a conflict between two elites that takes place in the world of the masses. The eliteworld remains untouched. The American top elite found it necessary to replace part of the old Iraqi elite by a more obedient one. That happened before when Americans removed seemingly independent elites in the Congo (Lumumba), Indonesia (Sukarno), Chile (Allende) or Iran (Mossadeq). Sometimes the Americans failed as was the case in Vietnam, Cuba or Libya. Sometimes the result is not yet clear as in Venezuela, Iran or North Korea. In all cases the local elite was put under pressure but the masses were damaged most.

Inter-elitist wars are not the answer to the plights of the masses. Masspeople should not take sides because in wars only their own massworld is damaged. The masses should turn the tables upside down. They should move any violence, any act of war from the massworld to the eliteworld where the leaders live that cause wars that in the end only favour the interests of an elite.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis 


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