Al Qaeda is not important
The 44th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Chiang Mai, January 31 2004

Dear reader, 

While I am sitting on a terrace in Thailand many people are passing by. Hardly anyone thinks about Al Qaeda. They are right. Masspeople are only allowed to live a life that to a great height is determined by the caprices of the elite. The inter elitist struggle between the powers that be and Al Qaeda takes place on a different level.

The appearance of Al Qaeda is interesting. The elite is terrified because it cannot control Al Qaeda. Bush and other political leaders spend most of their time finding ways to destroy this new organization. They even neglect other state matters. The power of the sitting elite is eroded by internal divisions. But the masses are only onlookers, victims or cannon fodder.

The American elite repeats the policy of old colonial powers like England and Holland that military support the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The USA invades independent countries with an excess of military might, installs puppet regimes and starts to plunder the natural resources of the occupied countries.

Occupation of a country leads always to resistance and the rise of local elites. Western powers withdrew from Kenya, Vietnam or Indonesia after years of violence in which mainly indigenous people were killed. New regional elites joined the old elites in the Quest to dominate the massworld.

The elite refuses to study its past. But also the masses repeat their mistakes by supporting emerging elites that never intend to allow masspeople real independence.
The American elite introduced new "enemies" (terrorism, Islam) after the Red Danger vanished in order to have new excuses to make even stricter laws to control the masses. But Al Qaeda is not dangerous for the privileged position of the sitting elitist power. It only carried out a few deadly actions in the elitist heartland. Terrorist violence caused only a few casualties compared with the many masspeople dying from Western bullets or from too high prices (to the benefit of Western producers) for medicine and food that is abundantly available.

The outcome of the present inter elitist conflict is obvious. Or the American elite becomes stronger or in some countries a fundamentalist elite rises to power as happened in Iran when the Shah was replaced by Khomeiny. The masses remain subordinate.

I do not understand why masspeople should back Al Qaeda or Bush (or other American leaders that only appear to have different policies). The World Social Forum restricts itself to actions within the legal boundaries set by the elite. It still believes that it is possible to elect better leaders.
But arguments are hardly listened to. Leaders will only take other decisions when masspeople force them to behave different. Masspeople should develop their own autonomous actions against any elite. They should be active in destroying the big gap between the separated elite- and massworld.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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