Get cracking!
The 48th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, August 10 2004

Dear reader,

I get many messages that document and comment new terrible facts but nothing changes. It gives me a creepy feeling.
I do not want to hear how bad the world is, I want to discuss possibilities to change this bad world.
Not for nothing the title of the last chapter of my book The Scarists is Get cracking!

After a journey of six months trough Thailand, China and Cambodia I have returned to The Netherlands. More than 40 years ago I travelled for the first time through countries as Morocco, Nigeria and Tanzania.
The situation has not fundamentally improved.
Some people have become richer but most masspeople are still very poor.

The best housing, health and education is still reserved for people who live on the eliteworld that is separated from the massworld by a Wall that dwarfs the Wall that separated Western and Communist Worlds. The split is even growing in the rich part of the world because even seemingly friendlier Dutch Christian Democrats or German Socialists are destroying the social safety net.
The world will not improve when the present policy is continued. A new policy is needed to get a world on which all people have equal status. Now the eliteworld is drifting still further away from the massworld on which the vast majority of people live.

I do not want to utter still more words about the terrible Gulf War, the Aids problem, the curable illnesses that are not cured because of lack of money or the attack on human dignity because many humans (often women) are regarded as secondary citizens.  
I want to talk about a new policy, about new actions that can change in a relatively short time the horrible division of humanity in a rich and a poor world. Now many good willing people continue to think that some leaders are better than other leaders that Kerry differs from Bush. He also wants to maintain the situation in which Americans are rich and the rest not important. Maybe one in five people can be regarded as well off, leaders forget to do anything for the other four.

To get a fundamental change a shock, a catastrophe is needed that opens new venues to a better world. Many poorer people will continue to live in misery and many of them will needlessly die when the world is improved on a slow evolutionary way. See for the necessity of political catastrophes my series Political Catastrophes.

I want to merge elite- and massworld. Because the Wall between these worlds is very strong it can only disappear after a political catastrophe. To achieve such catastrophe I propose a simple action method. Let masspeople invade the eliteworld so that the elite cannot live anymore the life they lived before. Then masspeople will realise they do not want to live anymore on the secondary world.

The forty years I have been travelling to various parts of the Third World have convinced me that democracy can never solve the problem that the eliteworld remains situated high above the massworld. I invite people who sincerely want to give all people equal status on one united world to concentrate on the dominating problem that power is unevenly distributed. And to stop supporting one elitist leader against another elitist leader, to stop thinking that Kerry is better than Bush.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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