Attack on persons
The 5th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, November 25 2000

Dear reader, 

I have translated chapter 8, The Mayor, of my book "The Power of the Autonomous Human", theory and practice of attacks on persons. It relates a years-long struggle against a wrong decision taken by a mayor of a small Dutch town. It can be read as a separate novel.

Leading persons are nearly never attacked. Even Hitler was left untouched. In the first Gulf War the Americans did not try to kill Saddam Hussein. But many ordinary people died in the desert war and the following boycott was hardly felt by the Iraqi elite.
In the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, the racist elite was neither hurt nor isolated by the boycott. For example a South-African astronomical observatory and a Dutch university continued to have contact. The elite continued to live its comfortable life. How many people from the South-African masses died in this period will never be known.

Just a few days ago the Israeli broke for the second time the unwritten elitist law that conflicts inside the elite must be solved in a peaceful way. In the past the killing of some Hezbollah leaders encouraged the resistance against the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. Now Israeli helicopters killed a member of the Palestinian elite. That is not done in the circles of the elite! But it is an interesting development. Up till now the victims of the Intifada were nameless Palestinians who were shot dead by nameless Israeli. And the victims of the Palestinian suicide bombs were ordinary Israeli.
In a conflict only the masses die, the elite lives on.

The mentioned book highlight political actions against the private life of elitepersons. In my book The Scarists you find some philosophical thoughts about this action method.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis

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