Genocide in Iraq
The 52nd Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, 17 October 2004

Dear reader, 

Why are only dead American soldiers counted, are the numerous dead Iraqis inferior human beings?

Genocide is the extermination of a race (Oxford Dictionary). It is acceptable to extend this conception to the extermination of groups that are easily recognisable. All male Iraqis between 15 and 50 years old are considered insurgents that must be killed or imprisoned (and then treated as animals). It is an extension of the policy of most countries against recognisable minority groups. In the USA , one out of three male blacks will be imprisoned in his life. In Palestine all Palestinians are suspect, in Holland all coloured males from Moroccan or Antillean descent are considered an extreme nuisance and often treated as vermin.

The situation has deteriorated after 9-11. The rule that people are innocent unless proven guilty is abandoned. Judgement is based on vague suspicions, the colour of the skin and the kind of hair. People are arbitrarily imprisoned, private houses are invaded and body searches are becoming common. In WWII such police raids were named razzia’s but the past is forgotten and objectionable fascist methods are reintroduced in society. With an Arab name you are treated different on airports than with a Western name. In Iraq only military means are used, shoot first and never look back. Problems that are in essence social and political are “solved” by police and military methods. And collateral damage, the killing of women and children, is denied or minimised. They are mostly family of insurgents and therefore probably also not “good” citizens.

All activities directed from the top are cowardly, leaders know they never will be hurt and military forces are quite invulnerable when they bomb houses of suspected persons from far away. However resistance remains also primitive, it takes only place in the massworld while the real culprits, the elitepeople, continue to live safe and quiet in the eliteworld.

Thousands of young men are being held in American and English secret prisons on vague suspicions. Years later some people are freed without any interference of a court and sent home without any compensation for lost years. That can be illustrated by some famous Iraq cases. The UK-educated microbiologist Mrs Rihab Rashid Taha, nicknamed Dr Germ by the pro-Western press (this word will never be used against Western microbiologists), and the US-educated microbiologist Mrs Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash (Mrs Anthrax) were imprisoned in May 2003. They are still awaiting trial. They did comparable work as US microbiologists that for example “recreated the killer flu that killed millions of people in 1918.” See the BBC-article on http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/3719990.stm and consider the possibilities of this research for biological warfare. These scientists are still at large.

The elite only uses technical and never political means to remain in power. More prison cells, higher sentences, more intruding in the privacy of common citizens, suspicions of Secret Services (that are proven to be uncontrollable and inadequate) as proof in courts. Punishment replaces persuasion and social and political solutions. The war in Iraq was started on false presumptions but these lies were not corrected when they became known. The illegal occupation of Iraq and the effort to kill as many male Iraqis between 15 and 50 as possible continues.

Everywhere in the world punishment replaces social and political solutions. In the end punishment leads to genocide, to the extinction of groups of people that do not fit in a society that is dominated by a privileged elite. Iraq is only an example, it also can happen in our countries. ´Others”, people who have deviating ideas or recognisable minorities are hardly considered human. In the USA the thousand dead Americans are mourned, other Westerns that are killed or dead coalition soldiers are mostly forgotten and no attention or regret at all is seen for the tens of thousands Iraqis that are killed by military violence. That also is proof of what happens in Iraq can be considered to be genocide. The own group is always right, what happens to others is not important.

It is time to call the elite to account and to intrude the safe and quiet eliteworld.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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