New political murder in Holland
The 53rd Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, November 7 2005

Dear reader,   

The sixth of May 2002 populist politician Fortuyn was assassinated. (see Letter 25). At once it was said that the murder was committed by Islamic fundamentalists. But the perpetrator was a ‘normal’ Dutch man who feared that Fortuyn should become a Dutch Hitler. He was apprehended and sentenced to 18 years in prison.  

The second of November 2004 Dutch controversial film director Van Gogh was assassinated in Amsterdam . The well-known tolerance in Holland is ebbing away, just as tolerance is disappearing in the whole world.

Van Gogh propagated the freedom of speech even when it was inciting racial hatred based on lies. In contradiction to Fortuyn who attacked the political Establishment, Van Gogh attacked the masses. In an public discussion he accused a young Islamic-fundamentalist leader to be “the pimp of the prophet”. His first film “Luger” was called fascistic and anti-woman. A recent film on violence against women in Islamic societies, made with liberal Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali refugee who fled an arranged marriage, was shown on Dutch TV. His last film was about the life of anti-immigration politician Fortuyn.

This second political murder in Holland in two years was also immediately contributed to Islamic fundamentalists. The perpetrator was a 26-year old man with a dual Dutch-Moroccan citizenship.

The prime-minister warned for a political climate in which such murders could occur. I agree but the political elite is promoting this climate. It has send occupation troops to Iraq and it supports fundamentalist Israel . The deteriorating climate is reflected in the condolence registers that are opened. One contains only the next message: “Because of many racist mail and hate-mail the condolence register is closed.”

Van Gogh attacked in the first place all what was Moslem and not for example the backwardness of a Dutch Christian political party that does not allow women to become MP’s. Violence against women is rampant in our country and not only under new Dutch citizens. But new people are attacked to be not compatible with Dutch society. He promoted the growing hate against new coloured and Islamic citizens.

It all belongs to the new world policy. Before 9-11 Condolezza Rice said that “we need a new enemy (after the Red Enemy withered away) and that could be terrorism or Islam”. The Bush government worked hard to bring both enemies alive. Of course Islamic governments are not nice, in Saudi-Arabia women are even not allowed to drive a car, but these fundamentalist governments are supported by the American government. Those horrific governments are allies and the Indian government is even seen as democratic while millions of its citizens die each year because they cannot get enough food.

The new policy is part of the already started World War III that is initiated by the American government that wants a worldwide American Empire. But this War will be different. Many people inside the attacking countries sympathise with the attacked because in their new fatherland they are treated as secondary citizens.  

I think Van Gogh was a bad target, he was nasty but not important. Other attacks will follow when World War III takes momentum. The comments of groups of young guys from foreign descent after the murder of Van Gogh illustrate the growing hatred that was fuelled by Van Gogh. He wrote for example about the quiet Amsterdam quarter in which I live that “the police did nothing to protect the original population from the increasing aggressive minority”. I have never had any fear in the 25 years that I live in this quarter. The accusing finger is always directed at Moroccans (though the group of young alienated males in my quarter comprise also Turkish and Surinam boys). Van Gogh was allowed to spread lies and helped to create a climate in which the weakest part of the Dutch population was stigmatized. But that does not justify murder.

The living situation of this weakest group continues to be bad, low income, dirty jobs and small houses. I live comfortably alone in a house of fifty square meters, but imagine you have to live there with four or five persons. Then you are driven out on the street and because you have no work, you become annoyed. Then something strange can occur and the hate against society grows, especially when you are always accused of being backward, bad, not integrated. An Amsterdam leftist politician used even the word “cunt-Moroccans” and he was applauded because he dared to use such words about fellow-citizens (who could not defend themselves).  

But Van Gogh was only small fry, he contributed to a deteriorating climate in our former tolerant country. The real powers live elsewhere, on the eliteworld on which they do not have any contact with masspeople. They live safe and quiet and the masses live in fear for a war on their world. The elite uses the idea of divide and rule, put one part of the masses up against another and leaders can continue to live on their privileged world.

You know already that I propose to invade the eliteworld in order to get one world on which all people have equal status. But Van Gogh did not live on that eliteworld, he should not have been targeted.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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