Are idiots really crazy?
The 54th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Ko Chang, December 20 2004

Dear reader, 

A woman tried to run down the leader of the liberal party, a man announced by e-mail to kill the prime-minister. Both were arrested. They were quite stupid to attack openly a leader. In court cases this kind of people is often described as psychologically instable. But are these people and many others that carry out comparable actions really crazy? Are people who are hurt by society and who remain quiet possibly not more crazy than recognised idiots?
Should it not be true that the crazy society forces people to carry out seemingly crazy acts because the only other way-out is to become a zombie?

Is someone who earns a hundred times more than the average worker not really crazy? Is someone who condemns citizens to a wretched life by breaking down social security (and at the same time increasing his own salary) not a real idiot?
Are world leaders sane who let the situation continue that millions of people die only because they cannot get the food that is elsewhere abundantly available?
Is it not crazy that all countries except the USA and Somalia have signed the UN treaty to protect children but that still more than 200 million children are working to make cheap goods for richer people?

The fairly often occurring attacks on leading persons are mostly symbolic, threats without any real pressure. But a bomb attack on a minister, the breaking of windows of private houses, the sabotaging of cars of high-placed persons and of course the murders of politician Fortuyn and film maker Van Gogh (see Letter 25 and Letter 53) prove that actions can become very concrete.

Masspeople are sometimes very creative in finding new action methods. Maybe therefore the elite likes to say that they are crazy because masspeople must not be independently creative but must only use their creativity in the time of their boss.
But it is not right to kill leaders, the mind of leaders should be changed, see Letter 29 How to change the mind of a leader. Only after a constant pressure leaders will realise that they must use their skills to serve all people and not in the first place the elite.

All these attacks on leading people are based on a correct idea. Misery is caused by living people and not by dead institutions. Therefore trade-union actions that block the entrance to a ministry are ineffective. Nobody is listening. Why don't they demonstrate in the private living sphere of a minister. Such actions intrude the mind of the minister. But all official recognised oppositional organisations are embedded in the power structure in our country. They only attack structures, never leaders who take wrong decisions. And they always remain quiet about the real top that takes the ultimate decisions.

Many so-called crazy masspeople know better. They direct their wrath directly at the root cause of their discontent. And that are always people, leading people, people at the top of the power pyramid.  These crazy people are maybe unadjusted to our society but who wants to be adjusted when society is crazy. But in a crazy society normal people will be named crazy.

But it is sure that many masspeople that are disturbed by our crazy society know what it is the cause of their grievances. Then some of them indeed attack this cause, and that are always living people who are in the position to take decisions.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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