No Movement in Iraq
The 54th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Chiang Mai, January 28 2005

Dear reader, 

The influence of the guerrilla on what happens in Iraq has been too small and too slow. 
The life of masspeople is being disturbed but the decision-taking elite is hardly bothered. The occupation of the country continues and elections are being prepared to give the pro-American regime some legitimisation. 

Elections in the Third World can be characterised by the words of Thai professor Assadang Panikbatutr: "The public can no longer afford to let 300 people in Parliament run the country because these people would choose to walk only the path that leads them and their cronies to instant wealth." 
That millionaires Bush and Kerry contested the American presidency indicates that the purpose of elections in the more complex First World does not differ much from Third World elections. Democracy is a scam. 

Only a few Iraqi decision-takers have been attacked but no higher ranking Americans. 
All fighting takes place on the massworld. 
Unchallenged the elite can once again continue to take decisions over masspeople. Its own living place, the eliteworld, is still safe and prosperous. 

Of course the American elite does not like that thousands of its masspeople are killed but that does hardly influence its policy. It continues to establish an Iraqi puppet regime that for a long time must be defended and supported by an American occupation army. That also many Iraqis die is of less importance for the highest power. 
Dead Iraqis are often labelled as insurgents and the American government adheres to the policy that it is permitted to permanently imprison or kill insurgents. 
Any judicial interference laid down in international democratic laws is brushed aside. 
Democracy is for Western leaders only a means to keep the own masses quiet. They do not agree with the idea that masspersons have rights, whatever they have done. 

The means to kill opponents have become more sophisticated, the result is similar as in the Vietnam War when Agent Orange and carpet-bombing was used. It is founded on the idea that resistance will stop when you install the fear that the (male) population will be decimated when resistance continues. This policy has been proved wrong in the past but the elite seems to learn nothing from history. 

The guerrilla wants a profound change in Iraq, something I have named a catastrophe. But change is hardly possible when the basic conditions for a catastrophe are not met. I advanced this idea already in the fourth article in the series Political Catastrophes. The third condition was that the highest centre of power (in this case of course the American centre) has to be undermined and weakened will there ever be a fundamental change. On this point the Iraqi guerrilla fails. 
The struggle has to be extended to the centre of power. 

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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