The elite isolates itself
The 56th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Pulau Pangkor, February 21 2005

Dear reader,  

Under the pretext of combating terrorism the elite is fortifying the wall that protects the privileged and quiet eliteworld against a revolt of the masses. At the same time it curtails the freedom of masspeople that live on the often harsh massworld.
By using lots of money for their own safety the elite isolates itself even more from common citizens.

In England new strict measures were taken after some security breaches in the Commons. A group of campaigners for fathers' rights hit premier Blair with a flour-bomb thrown from the public gallery, Greenpeace protesters scaled the Big Ben and pro-hunt protesters managed to invade the floor of the debating chamber itself. And a Sun reporter smuggled in fake bomb-making equipment. Such peaceful protests that did not hurt anyone could be met by more attentive parliamentary guards.
But parliamentary leaders asked MI5 and the Metropolitan Police how the English Parliament could become a fort that could not be invaded.

According to the BBC the following measures will be taken:
Electric fencing around the perimeter of the Palace.
Road closures around Parliament Square.
A boom barrage to protect against boats carrying bombs.
CCTV cameras in all corners and corridors of the Commons.
Compulsory ID badges to be worn at all times.
A permanent bullet-proof screen across the public gallery.
A new security coordinator for Parliament.

Journalists will still be able to smuggle a bomb inside Parliament and people who really want to hit Parliament will use rockets. But Greenpeace and Fox-killers will not anymore disturb our leaders!
But I agree with the measures. It makes clear that the eliteworld is drifting further away from the massworld. The ever stricter security regulations reduce the contact between politicians and masspeople.

The masses will see leaders even more as another kind of people (that live on another planet). After the murder of Dutch populist politician Fortuyn (see the 25th Letter and the 30th Letter) many politicians became surrounded by security guards - because someone had the idea that many Fortuyn-killers were loose in our otherwise quiet country. After two years indeed another political murder took place (see the 53rd Letter) but you can wonder if such deeds will be stopped by any security.

The former leader of the Dutch Green Party only walked around with guards and lost contact with society. He could not talk anymore with common people. Other leaders said their social life disappeared or that they did not dare to say in public what they used to say before (out of fear for unknown events). Attacks have been few but threats and the isolating security influence the minds of political leaders.

In the end security measures will also restrict the freedom of the elite, the only people that have the power to be free.

I propose to invade the private living space of top-leaders who invade the private living space of masspeople by taking one-sided measures.
Intruding the eliteworld masspeople will help to reach a situation in which the elite cannot live anymore quiet on their own separated world. Only then the probability will arise of getting one world on which all people have equal status.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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