Vietnam - Iraq - London
The 61st Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, July 15 2005

Dear reader, 

The millions killed in Vietnam aroused many Western masspeople to support the anti-colonial struggle in Vietnam . The Vietnamese struggle was connected to the Western idea of “Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood” of the French Revolution.
These progressive human ideas were however never promoted in the Third World . Slightly aberrant leaders as Lumumba, Allende, Sukarno or Mossadecq were killed or chased away and only obedient servants of the West were supported. 

The anti-colonial struggle in Iraq against the obligation to deliver oil to the West should also merit support from Western masspeople. But the world has changed.
The struggle in Vietnam was driven by the idea of national freedom
, the struggle in Iraq is in the first place guided by the idea that Islam must become the leading force in Moslem countries. That is not in accordance with the freedom ideas of Western people. The Iraqi struggle is therefore hardly supported in the West.

In the case of Vietnam Western people carried out violent actions against symbols of elitist power. Now violence in Western countries is perpetrated by people with very close ties to Moslem countries. The original population of the West considers them as a kind of foreigners who attack Western masspeople and the attainments of Western society. That was not the case during the Vietnam War.

Western and Moslem masspeople should both free themselves from elites that in the first place promote their own interests. This mutual interest is however only theoretical because Western masspeople are targeted. That was the case with the bombings in New York and Madrid and history repeated itself in London . You cannot expect that Western masspeople will support a struggle that attacks their own life. Of course they are right.

But what to do, is there a solution?
Yes, the violence against masspeople in Iraq and the spreading of this violence to the West can only be stopped by Western masspeople. They must force the own leaders to withdraw from Iraq. Let the Iraqis and other Moslems solve their internal difficulties without any interference of Western powers. Indeed many more people will die but they will also die when Western powers remain involved (the lowest estimate is now 59.000 Iraqis killed by American violence). The number of elitepeople killed is very, very low. As usual the burden of war is carried by masspeople.

All nations have the right to walk their own road towards human emancipation. Suppressed people never can be emancipated by paternalistic and almighty foreign powers. Third World people may see in the West a better world in regard to the wealth that the West amassed (partly at the cost of the Third World ). But Western ideas of freedom have never obtained a firm footing in the Third World.

When the Western involvement in Third World countries is stopped, Western masspeople again can try to solve the fundamental problem how it is possible that elites always get more than the masses, why the prosperous, safe and quiet eliteworld is still far apart from the often harsh massworld.

Of course the actions in London , Madrid and New York are horrendous but they must not cause masspeople to become more obedient to elitepeople that only promote their own interests. Those people use the attacks in the West as an excuse to reduce Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood of Western masspeople.

By intruding in the safe eliteworld masspeople can force the own elite to withdraw from the colonial Iraq War.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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