We need a new political paradigm
The 65th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, October 11 2005

Dear reader, 

I like Thomas S. Kuhn when he writes in “The structure of scientific Revolutions”: “Led by a new paradigm scientists adopt new instruments and look in new places. Even more important, during revolutions scientists see new and different things when looking with familiar instruments in places they have looked before”.

The present political paradigm in the world
(under the leadership of the USA ) is the market, economic growth and economy in general. It seems that people do not exist. 

Something fundamental different has to happen. The present world leaders are even incapable to give all children a decent life.

The report “Growing up in Asia ” is written by the Child Aid Organisation PLAN see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4174012.stm:
“Nearly 600 million Asian children under the age of 18 lack access to either food, safe drinking water, health or shelter. Of those, 350 million are described as "absolutely poor", meaning they do not have access to two or more of a child's essential necessities”. Financial help is apparently not helping fast enough. How ever can top-leaders take the decision that the number of people that live on less than one dollar a day should only be halved in 25 years?

What about the other half? Why can’t poverty be eradicated in 25 years? The UN Millennium Development Goals are a shame for humanity because they do not provide for all humans a decent life. In 2015 more than a billion people will still live in utmost poverty – and many millions of children will have died because they can’t get the necessary food that is elsewhere abundantly present. 

"Growing up in Asia” also states that in the so-called dictatorial China 13 million of the 380 million children are deprived. In the so-called democratic India , 60% of all children were classified as "absolutely poor", with almost half of all children under five malnourished. The political system does not seem to be of any importance. 

By the way, China 's Premier Wen Jiabao has called to slow economic growth and help the rural poor because the increasing differences between the rich minority and the poor masses threaten the stability in Chinese society. It is a small change in paradigm. We wait and see.

Only when leading people change their paradigm, change their way in which they see the world, the inhuman situation that millions of kids continue to be deprived of a decent life can be solved. 

Even sympathetic organisations as PLAN state that “this scale of child poverty will have a serious impact on Asia 's future prospects, unless it is addressed now”. 
I don’t understand. The first point is not that Asia ’s future prospects will be bleak but that the future of poor people is terrible. People are the most important thing, systems should never be first.

Good-willing people as the members of PLAN only try to soften the most awful sides of our society while at the same time they support the political paradigm that causes the continuing presence of misery. People shall have to adopt a new paradigm that sets living people over the dead economy. We need leaders with a mind that fundamentally differs from the mind of present leaders. Leading people will only change their paradigm on which they base their decisions when they cannot anymore continue their life in the isolated eliteworld where things are quite different from the life in the massworld. Only then they will put the interests of masspeople in first place, now they first look at the situation in their own small, safe and privileged eliteworld.

A new political paradigm could be the goal to give now all children access to food, safe drinking water, health and shelter.

To impose this new paradigm I propose to invade the eliteworld so that elitepeople cannot live anymore their privileged life. Then masspeople will get so much confidence that they can reach a new world in which all people will have equal status (and children are never again deprived of basic needs). Both kinds of people will change their outlook of life, in the words of Kuhn they will change their paradigm. Only then new things can happen. 

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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