Again about a new political paradigm
The 66th Letter of an Autonomous Thinker

Amsterdam, November 4 2005

Dear reader, 

When “nearly 600 million Asian children under the age of 18 lack access to either food, safe drinking water, health or shelter”. (“Growing up in Asia” by Child Aid Organisation PLAN) something is fundamentally wrong. The present political leaders are not capable to solve this inhuman problem on a short time. They are guided by a wrong political paradigm.

A new political paradigm will inspire people to look at old problems with new ideas, from new angles and with new energy.

The most famous change of a scientific paradigm was caused by Copernicus.
Five hundred years ago Copernicus destroyed the idea that the world was the centre of the universe. After the change the Western World developed on an unprecedented scale. Stagnating barriers were broken and new roads opened up.
But people are often slow to accept new ideas they have not helped to develop. The consequences of the work of Copernicus are still not fully accepted. Most people still believe that life originated on earth. The Theory of Evolution is a geo-centric theory. The influence of the cosmos on earthly life is much bigger than evolutionists assume. These geo-centric ideas still hamper science.. Maybe even the birdflu is caused by influences from space and treatment could change on a now unknown manner.
Copernicus could advance his new ideas because he lived in a remote part of the world in which the powerful did not have much influence. Now the influence of the leading group is globalised and new ideas must take very high barriers before they will be realised.

In the political world a change in paradigm often accelerated the development of humanity.

The French Revolution was propelled forward by the idea of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity. After the old regime was chased away by the activity of the masses, the new regime soon abolished the new paradigm and restored the elitist society. The masses remained subordinated and the energy of the masses remained contained by the rules of the top.

The Russian Revolution was also based on the idea of equality expressed in the idea that the workers should reign the future society. In reality a small group (a vanguard) took power and in the Soviet Union a new elite came in power.
The development of these countries went fast but in the end they all adopted a similar hierarchical elitist leading group that already existed in countries that had not known a revolution.

The most important question is therefore not how a new political paradigm can be formulated but how this new paradigm can activate people and inspire them as the driving force that will pull humanity from the present day morass. And also how this paradigm can prevent any restoration of old situations and regimes.

In short the paradigm must destroy all elements in political thought that belong to the realm of the old paradigm. Otherwise a new kind of society in which all people live on the same world and have the same status will never be reached. Hierarchical organisations as political parties and trade unions must not be allowed to play a role in the struggle because they belong to the old paradigm and they cannot distance themselves from ideas that were the reason for their existence.

Any new political paradigm that is in flagrant opposition to the present ideas will have enough impact to cause a fundamental change. One of these ideas could be that any decision should give an important contribution to the abolishment of poverty in general and the disappearance of the deprivation of children of the four basic needs as mentioned above in particular. (see also the 65th Letter)

To get an idea what this new political paradigm could mean for the present world I give some examples.
The Iraq War should be stopped because it does not improve in a short time the living conditions of poor children.
The trade in diamonds should be stopped
because it is one of the deeper causes of civil wars in Africa and of the use of child soldiers.
Leading people in India should be considered as bad
because more than half of the Indian youth is deprived of at least one of the above mentioned living necessities.
And of course Gaia, our Earth is being disturbed in a terrible way but solutions for problems caused by climate change will not have a positive contribution to the struggle to give all people the same status so that all children will have access to fresh drinking water, enough food, good health care and sufficient housing. 

Political discussions are not guided by the demand for a decent life for all children. But all attention should be directed on the most important problem that is formulated by the new political paradigm. Less important problems will have to wait for a solution.

By the way the idea of giving children a decent life is only an example. Many more political paradigms can help people to take new roads to get a higher kind of life and a new world we now cannot imagine. Because it cannot be that the present miserable situation in the world will continue to exist in the next ten, twenty, fifty or hundred years.
It is necessary to break the present stagnating situation by the introduction of a new political paradigm.

But the central question is as always, HOW can the new world be reached.

I am convinced that a new paradigm that is connected to life, to living humans, to the activity and creativity of masspeople will have a tremendous impact on people. But most present political ideas are too abstract, are too far away from the daily life of common people, are not giving any hope on a different future. The new political paradigm must open the possibility that the life of the present living human beings will already change on the road towards that new world.

In the new paradigm the life of common people must stand central. But improvements that make life better for all people are blocked by the present-day organisation of humanity..
I have a simple idea about our society. Humanity is divided in two parts. Elitepeople are powerful, privileged and more wealthy and live on the safe and quiet eliteworld.
Masspeople have hardly any power, lack any privileges and are often poor. They live on the often harsh and unsafe massworld. 

There exists a deep difference between the life of elitepeople and masspeople. Elitepeople are heavily influenced by their environment and leaders will in the first place try to continue the division of the world in two parts. Then they can continue their privileged life – what happens to the rest of the people is of lesser importance. The masses cannot undertake much action in the present situation because they are time and again led by people who also want to climb up to the eliteworld. The leaders of the Russian Revolution, the anti-colonial revolutions or the resistance in Iraq differ not much from the leaders that be. When a resistance succeeds leaders will have it always better than the people who sacrificed their life to reach that so-called new world. The masses were in the end always cheated by leaders. Though the massworld sometimes also improved, the eliteworld improved much more and the differences between elite and masses became bigger.

The conclusion seems fairly clear.
When people who live in the massworld can stop the existence of a separated eliteworld everything will change. The promotion of the interest of all people will replace the market as the dominating idea on which decisions are based. A new world can only be based on a new political paradigm.

But this new political paradigm can already now inspire masspeople to reach new heights. When they are active in their demands for a better life for all people they will see that that can only be reached when some people lose some of their privileges. In other words when the eliteworld where the privileged live, will come closer to the massworld were the deprived children live.

This new world will only be possible when elitepeople cannot anymore live their present privileged and secluded life because masspeople have invaded the eliteworld.
During this process masspeople will realise they do not want to live anymore the life they lived before because they see they also have power and know they can repeat what they did before when some group again will try to split humanity in two parts in which one part has a higher status than the other part.

In the end both kinds of people will change and they will look at the world with different eyes as before. They will have undergone a revolutionary change after which all will be different and new solutions will be found for questions and problems that now seem to be impossible to solve.

Then the new political paradigm will have changed the world.

Yours truly, Joost van Steenis


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